Intros Q169 Oscillator ++ Dual Oscillator Synth Voice has introduced the Q169 Oscillator++ module, a dual-oscillator synth voice that features a wide array of cross-modulation possibilities, an LFO, envelope generator and sample-and-hold functions in a triple-wide MU panel.

The Oscillator++ can be used as a dual oscillator in a traditional synth patch, as a stand-alone voice, as a pair of FM operators for additive synthesis, as independent functions, or as a complex modulation source.

Both audio oscillators are paired with a VC amplifier, and each can modulate the other’s pitch, pulse width and amplitude at the same time and in variable amounts.

Developer Roger Arrick says that the Q169 is the equivalent of 10 modules and 20 patch cables, arranged in a musically-useful and understandable way.

The optional Q168 Aid module provides patch points for LFO waveforms, the envelope, noise, S&H and a multi-purpose invertable attenuator.

Here’s a quick demo of a dual-oscillator synth voice patch:

Pricing and Availability

The Q169 Oscillator ++ and Q168 Oscillator++ Aid are available to pre-order now, with intro prices of $612.00 and $162.00 USD.

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