Vector Synthesizer Updated With New Filter & Modulation Options


Developer Andre Sklenar let us know that the Vector Synth firmware has been updated, adding a new ladder filter, additional modulations and more.

Described as ‘an experimental boutique synthesizer’, Vector Synth is available now with v2.6.6 firmware, and the v2.6.6 firmware update is also available for existing owners as a free download.

Here’s what’s new in Vector Synth v2.6.6:

  • New Ladder Filter – A new 24dB/oct resonant ladder filter is now included, and can be placed anywhere in the synthesis pipeline. The new filter provides a classic and well-known tonal character, which in combination with Vector’s synthesis engine gives it new opportunities for creative filtering.
  • New Blend Modes – Two new Blend modes are introduced, creating even more ways for the harmonic Generators to interact. PDAM and rPDAM stand for Phase Distortion and Amplitude Modulation, and Reverse Phase Distortion and Amplitude Modulation, respectively. Just like the other modulation types, these are also audio-rate and the operators and modulators can be separately filtered before modulation.
  • Individual Generator Detuning – Each Generator can now be individually detuned before Blend modulation. This simple addition increases the possible sound palette considerably, especially when combined with the new filtering and modulation options.
  • New Built-in Presets – A new page of built-in presets has been added. The new presets incorporate the latest firmware features, so they are good starting points to explore the new capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

Vectors are available for purchase, with approximately one month lead time, for 777€ (excl. EU VAT). The firmware update is available as a free download.

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