Sinevibes Stator Brings Audio Tape Wobble Effects To The Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD & NTS-1 Synths

Sinevibes developer Artemiy Pavlov has done as much as anyone – even Korg – to demonstrate the possibilities of Korg’s Multi Engine, which is featured on the NTS-1, the Minilogue XD and Prologue synths.

Pavlov has developed 5 user oscillators and 17 FX for the platform, dramatically expanding the possibilities of the synths.

His latest Multi Engine release is Stator, a tape wobble simulator plugin. It is designed to replicate the effects of speed fluctuations in tape machines, namely wow and flutter, due to uneven electric motor rotation, as well as scrape flutter caused by the friction of the tape against the tape head. The algorithm also models gentle phasing artifacts produced by crosstalk between the stereo channels.

Pavlov says that the processed sound has a beautiful stereo vibe, and can go from gentle chorusing and coloration all the way to dramatic lo-fi pitch wobble.

Stator on the Korg NTS-1:

Pricing and Availability

Stator is available now for $19 USD.

19 thoughts on “Sinevibes Stator Brings Audio Tape Wobble Effects To The Korg Prologue, Minilogue XD & NTS-1 Synths

  1. I have a “bad cable” simulator. It costs $2 or less. It’s basically a bad cable.

    Seriously, this kind of sound (for some of us) evokes memories of the analog media played in our classrooms.

    There are some nice plugins to simulate the personality of old-fi. The resulting vibe is evocative and interesting. These things can be used so creatively.

  2. cool but $19 is a little much –
    I hope they can make what is essentially a larger version of the NTS-1 with stereo 1/4 in and out and maybe a 4 note polyphony so that it can be used as an affordable stompbox/desktop synth – then I think I would be more interested in playing something close to that

  3. Bad noises are part of the fun, especially with glitch. Back when samplers were floppy-based, disks featuring 60 cycle hum or bad-cable crackles made the rounds so that keyboardists could torture grouchy sound men or idiot guitarists. I have no personal use for this one, but for Sinevibes overall, hell yeah.

  4. Seems like ‘instant boards of canada vibe’ to me.

    I love what Sinevibes has done for Multi-Engine synth owners. They’ve really made a ton of cool stuff that shows off the potential of Korg’s Multi-Engine. I wish I could say the same for Korg themselves. They’ve never seriously promoted it.

    If Sinevibes is reading this – how about some examples that demonstrate the range of what Stator can do? I’m interested, but really only if Stator’s controls let it do more subtle tape effects, vs full-on ‘poorly maintained reel-to-reel’ effect.

  5. The price is nearly 20% of the purchase price of an NTS-1.
    Think about you’ll buy a 2000$ synthesizer and someone charges 400$ for a soundbank for it.
    They really should rethink their price tag.

    1. Returning customers get a 20% discount. I have the Prologue 16; Sinevibes price totally worth it. I’ve bought most of Sinevibes products except Groove – not my kind of thing – they’ve all been very useful.

    2. If only Korg didn’t cheap out on the NTS-1 Itself. It’s like they wanted it to suck as much as possible.
      If they just used a Volca enclosure and sold it at the same price they would still make enough profit, people would use it longer and be more popular in general.

  6. Sounds great. I’ll be getting this for my NTS1. I don’t get the people complaining about price (especially those looking at it in relation to the price of the NTS1, weird logic).

  7. Awesome. This guy makes great stuff. The price is fine – somebody had to make this. The complaining is lame. Here’s some kooky logic: I just spent $25 on dinner. This Effect is cheaper and won’t end up in the toilet lol

  8. Of course $19 is too expensive addon for a $100 dollar synth , but the Prologue16 is $1500 ….
    hmmm …so I should buy the P16 to make this seem cheaper ..
    thanks for the justification to buy a P16 .

    “Darling , there’s a man on the internet who says I need to buy this synth”

    1. It’s not though. I use my nts-1 as an effects processor until I have enough money to buy modules. I just bought a Sinevibes filter and it’s amazing and really precise. Of course, I don’t have the same granularity as with a module but for now, it’s perfect for minimal hardware setup.

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