BOSS RC-505 mkII Loop Station In-Depth Review

In his latest Sonic Lab review, host Nick Batt takes a look at the new BOSS RC-505 mkII – a major update to the popular Loop Station design.

Video Summary:

“The original Boss RC-505 is seen by many as the pinnacle of loopstations, with countless musicians using it as a gateway to success during the 15+ years it’s been available. Surely time for an update then?

Here’s the RC-505 MKII then, with expanded IO, improved audio quality, increased FX (4 input, 4 track), more algorithms, increased record time – 13hrs over 3, bounce feature, Mark back and undo, more rhythms, way deep button and controller assignments.”

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro
01:08 Key Differences
04:44 Making Loops + Input FX
10:51 Bouncing
12:51 Vocoder and live MIDI input
17:44 Mark, Undo and Button assignments
23:26:03 Input settings
26:37 Timestretch
28:57 Wrap and Conclusion

2 thoughts on “BOSS RC-505 mkII Loop Station In-Depth Review

  1. I must have missed all the I/O options on the announcement article for this. that alone makes this thing pretty desirable now. Nick is still the best gear reviewer on youtube.

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