Getting Started With The Dreadbox NYMPHES Synthesizer

Dreadbox shared this official video introduction for their new Nymphes 6-voice analog synthesizer.

The Nymphes is designed to offer great analog sound (with a lush digital reverb) in a compact and easy to use package.

Pricing and Availability

The Nymphes is expected to be available in Dec 2021 for 499 € (incl. VAT).

37 thoughts on “Getting Started With The Dreadbox NYMPHES Synthesizer

  1. “Press and hold the SHIFT button to select a bank with the selector knob. Then let go of the SHIFT button and select the patch with the same knob. Then press the LOAD button quickly if you want to load the *user patch* stored at that location, or press and hold the LOAD button to load the *preset* stored at the same address.” (or did I get that backwards? I’ve already lost track).

    And every slider allows you to adjust two different parameters.

    Oh. My. Goodness.

  2. Who thinks there’s some pitch adjustment on the guys voice here? Uncanny. Anyways, so much packed into such a simple interface. I thought the octatrack was complicated. Not even really sure how good it sounds, maybe the sound outweighs the functionality.

  3. Rly Great Sound Engine!

    What about a seperate controller with a lot of sliders or knobs that handles all the shift and menu functions !?

    1. It’s possible since the synth has MIDI CC. You would need to be selective about what you assign though, unless you have a controller with, like, around 64 knobs on it.

  4. This seems like a programming nightmare where the user must constantly recall various settings, modes, and selections, as the visual cues are either lacking or non-existent. I’m aware that Yannis informed Nick Batt that there would eventually be iOS based editor (iPad) to simplify much of this, thus the omission of $10 LCD screen will now require $400 device to render a synth that “does not require a computer” more usable. Right….

      1. Agreed, every synth, at any price has compromises and that is a good thing actually. Limitations are the sparks of innovation, however this is limiting in manner that is inhibiting. However if this is your cup of tea, drink up.

    1. Yeah, god forbid a fairly cheap and amazing sounding synth with a nice compact form factor require the player to use their ears.

      1. You are missing the point, it’s like insisting that a race car driver must only focus on that fact that he has the fastest car….I have nothing more to add to this discussion.

        Admin: Personal attack deleted.
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        1. Here’s a thought: maybe the people who are missing the point are those who suggest Dreadbox make changes that go against what they were trying to accomplish with the synth in the first place.

          But hey, why am I even telling you? You clearly know what you’re talking about with you’re GREAT analogies that make total sense, and whatnot

          1. It’s possible, their objectives and my wishes and design choices do not have to align. Yet that is the entire premise of a debating features, usability, and of course sound. However Loopop’s full review actually proves my point far better than I could have imagined. If this synth is for you, wonderful, enjoy.

    2. if this is hard for you to remember stay away from any roland vintage tr or tb
      but seriously you exaggerate it much, the only thing you need to remember is how to change and save a preset. i already remember by seeing it only twice and all other operations are pretty logical with no explanation. i think most who will have it will not care.
      for boutique companies a 10$ lcd + all involve for it to work (hardware and programing) will add at least a 100$ to the end user price and this product is mostly about the price. i like you would prefer it but this is not what this product is about.
      but anyway, who said simple and easy is “good”? maybe for a mixing guys who just want to do more for less time but most of the artiest i love try to make it even harder for themself to be more “creative”.
      they say comfort is the killer of creativity…

      1. Keep in mind this is a small desktop synth without many parameters yet they released a 10 min tutorial video on how to control and program it. No thumbs up or thumbs down, just the obvious here, might be a littlemore complex than necessary. Not hard, just complex. I watched another video on how it sounds, sounds pretty good.

        1. yes, they made a tutorial before demo’s and it didn’t even shipped yet,
          i guess they did it because they know how lazy people are, lazy minds, especially when you aiming on low price.
          but admittedly all the info about the operation can be summed to 2 minutes or less, there are more info in there not related to operation alone. I can tell how to use it by just looking it, maybe a little experience with digitally controlled synth help, maybe just common sense.
          the change/save program needed some explanation but it seems simple to remember. i agree it could be easier/faster but it’s not. still since there there is not much happening in it, it’s easier to use then most instrument on the market. any volca is more complex

          1. One man’s opinion is another mans reckoning these days. Coming in hot for no reason. I own the Typon, its awesome. I just don’t think this is but I dont have it so I cant take a strong stance, I’m not that kind of guy. I also own the Dysphonia, still need to put it together, not sure if its awesome, so….. don’t have an opinion. Can’t categorize someone as lazy when they dont like what you like, thats a lazy argument. I own a Deluge, thats as deep as it gets with complexity, I still have the same opinion but it offers more so I dove in. Again, it sounds good which is all that matters, just dont think its worth the dive.

    3. Good argument you make Modern3.
      Development of a screen interface could be reused aswel in other products, i would not mind a higher price on it if it had a better interface for me. This product was all about a good sounding poly synth that saves a bit on the interface so i recognise it was not intended to make it that way.

      1. First of all, $10 screen will not pass a $100 onto the user, that is not how any of this works. I have worked on enough synthesizers to know. In fact, creating a customised editor iOS editor will easily cost the company far more than that without the ability to pass on the cost to the end user, thus as a business decision it makes far less sense.

        I am not looking for easy, rather the old refrain holds true, “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” I do not mind having to think about my sound creation, I do mind having to complete and recall an inordinate amount of steps to achieve it.

        @LEEder, well said, yes if we are speaking purely about sound, this is an achievement. I just think, a few more steps here, and this would have been truly brilliant. Cheers!

        1. there is a reason why when you aim for the “lowest budget” you first omit the screen, they could easily put one like with the typhoon but it will add to the price, possibly even more than 100$ the cost of parts for a boutique brand for such product is still below or around the x10 ratio. they will not survive otherwise. the case will cost about 20$ and it’s the most expensive part. the total cost of parts is not more then 40-50$, i bet and hope for them it’s less, they need to build it, test it, support it, advertise, paying income tax and on top all that the 30% dealer margin…
          the ios editor is an add-on not intended to “solve” the problem you think.
          a screen could be nice, and maybe another osc, stereo out, more parameters/faders but all of this or just one will boost the price way up and will be less “quick” to grab.
          i agree its not the most efficient way to change preset but other then that the workflow is very simple.
          i think einstein was talking about defining things in simple equation, i don’t think he would complain about pressing a button twice.

          1. @gadi, Cheers to you for your thoughtful and polite reply. I wish them well regardless, as I hope that these smaller boutique makers flourish in an environment where I feel there will be a great deal of contraction in the coming years.

      2. most poly analog synth’s in this price don’t even have presets or can be digitally controlled.
        this product is “about” analog poly 6 voice vco’s with dreadbox “sound” for 400$.
        I would love a screen and a much more complex abilities but if it would cost more it would sell much less or not at all.

        1. can you name a couple other poly analogs in this price range that don’t have presets as you claim? the only poly analogs I know of in this price range at all are the minilogue and behringer dm6/dm12 desktop and they both have presets. Any other poly in this price range is likely digital. i’m gonna have to call bs on your claim here.

          1. first, other don’t need to suffer from your frustration in life, grow some manners, talk with respect or crawl back to the cave you came out from.
            i was saying this in the context of the complexity of the nymphes changing presets process compering to it’s price, i didn’t count them. the meaning was it’s better to have “complex” way to change preset than non at all.

        2. This synth doesn’t need a display imo, but adding a few more controls would’ve made a much more useable synth and they still would make enough profit. 500,- for this is not a cheap deal.

          Skip the metal, use quality plastic. It’s cheaper and also weights less which is great for a portable device such as this.

  5. i will wait for someone to develop an editor, then hopfully if this is still in production i will try to get one. i love the Dreadbox sound. but this would be totally perfect with an editor.

  6. When I tried Nymphes at SuperBooth I noticed it has a learning curve, there are definitely some shortcuts to memorise. But the sound! It instantly gave me goose bumps, just so delicious. If they actually come out with an iPad editor I will have to get one.

  7. What a great sound.
    What a terrible UI.

    Even normally simple things like the implementation of the Shift button and the patch storage ended up being a convoluted nightmare that should have been streamlined in the development stage – and still done without the need for a screen.

    I like Dreadbox, but this is a hard pass for me.

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