New Plugin, Gong Amp, Inspired By Resonators Of Maurice Martenot

AudioThing has released Gong Amp, a new audio plugin, created in collaboration with composer Hainbach.

Gong Amp is inspired by the resonators of pioneering electronic instrument designer Maurice Martenot. In the 1930s, Martenot created a set of diffuseurs, which were designed to resonate in musical ways, like the bodies of a guitar or violin, instead of amplifying the sound like a loudspeaker. This approach made it possible for electronic musicians to fit easily into acoustic ensembles.

This approach has been explored in more recent years by companies like Eowave, which has created a metallic resonator based on the designs of Martenot, and La Voix Du Luthier, which has created new acoustic resonator designs that expand on the work of Martenot.

Here’s what AudioThing has to say about Gong Amp:

“In 2011, the French company Eowave took inspiration from Martenot’s invention and made their own version, the Resonator Metallik. When we heard what our friend, Berlin composer Hainbach, did with this rare and discontinued amplifier, we knew this sound needed to be available to more than a select few. So we made Gong Amp, our third collaboration with Hainbach since Motors and Wires.

Using a complex mixture of convolution processing, physical modeling, and feedback systems, we created an instrument that is true to the responsiveness of the original and even transcends it in terms of sound design possibilities.”

Options are available within the app to vary types of resonance. For example, you can make the resonance more clangorous by adding chains, or dampen the resonance with a pillow.  Other options include mic position, gain and modulation.

Audio Demos:


Pricing and Availability

Gong Amp is available now for Mac & Windows, with an intro price of $39 USD (normally $59).

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