Loopy Pro, ‘The Future Of Looping’, Now Available For iOS

A Tasty Pixel has announced the availability of Loopy Pro, a live looper, sampler, sequencer, AUv3 host, DAW and AUv3 Audio Unit for iOS.

Loopy Pro is the successor to Loopy HD, but is designed to be much deeper and much more powerful.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“You can set up Loopy Pro to work however you do, with features like hands-free looping with count-in, count-out and automatic loop detection; or “free” looping, where you can choose on-the-fly how long to make loops. There’s even retrospective recording, where you can lock in a loop after the fact.

There’s extensive MIDI controller support, including built-in support for the Launchpad and the APC40 mk2, and effortless MIDI Learn for setting up your controllers.

You can also drag-and-drop audio straight onto loops in Loopy Pro, with sophisticated tempo and pitch adjustments, and use Loopy Pro as a clip launcher, with all kinds of options for song sectioning.

The built-in mixer lets you set up insert and send effects for every channel in your project, and load AUv3 Audio Unit instruments, effects, and MIDI sequencers.

And there’s a built-in sequencer, for arranging songs, and even performing them live, totally automated and hands-free.”

You can get an in-depth preview of Loopy HD via the live demo with Dub FX, embedded above.

Pricing and Availability

Loopy Pro is available now for $29.99. The app is a free download and you can try it out for free for a week. An In-App purchase unlocks the app and gives you free updates for 1 year.

31 thoughts on “Loopy Pro, ‘The Future Of Looping’, Now Available For iOS

    1. I agree that the press release should have a clearer overview of the pricing. However, £25 for the app to keep and after 12 months an annual fee of 16 quid for continued updates seems reasonable to me… If you don’t want to buy the update option then don’t but considering Apple’s update strategies that’s probably unwise. That’s probably also why the Loopy team is offering this solution. Overall it seems like a fair deal.

    2. Pricing looks good for what you get. I’ve spent more than $30 on apps that did less.

      I’ve also spent less than $30 on good apps that have been abandoned, so that’s a dead end for a lot of developers. I think you have to be a Korg or Moog to make any money on cheap apps.

    3. You really should learn how to read and understand before responding. I’d really like to understand what’s it’s like to be so categorically wrong on a subject.

      1. Yeah – it’s not $30/year. It’s $30 and you can keep it forever.

        The developer is promising free updates for the first year. If you want updates after that, it will cost $$.

        The key difference is that you can keep it forever – it’s not going to lock up if you don’t want to upgrade.

    4. The complaints about ‘subscription’ pricing on Loopy Pro, here and elsewhere, almost seem like coordinated astroturfing from a competitor.

      They seem as genuine as the obsequious pro-Behringer comments that are posted anytime the company introduces something new.

  1. this app does a lot more then 10 clumsy RC mk2 loopstations operated by genius-bar employees together.
    versatility is out of the roof and the interface can be self designed conform needs.
    instant buy.

    hey michael it was a rough start with auto timing switched on by default (why?) and the loopalignment waveform bug.
    some better tutorials are needed, then these silly influencer endless talks and (self) promotion. i need a good quick start, or manual. not hidious coffee bekers and t-shirts with chinese industrial non-desiged prints that look like cheap counterfeits of 1973 the muppetshow merchandise.

    Still i believe in this app.
    please hurry with the adjustable volune curve controls. thank you! 🙂

    1. i did not mean Dubfx with my critics specificly btw. this video was at times quite useful.
      by lack of a manual…

      and stuck ‘hardware’ or anti tablet people that dismiss this app: goodnight.
      as said 7 years of work went into this app. and it wil contiue to be a lifes work. This is the ableton of ipad. If anything ever was a gamechanger, this is it .
      …as much as i hate overused words

      michael:no midi sync in?? normally you do all the things right that Aum does wrong:
      like efficient screen space use! and least amount of button presses for certain actions (paging tru Aum channel pages is so stupidly designed: 4 channels per page really? also on 12.9 inch? ridiculous)

  2. Big updates on features promised for the first year. 30,- is very reasonable if promises are kept.
    For the years after that you’ll pay 20,- each year and that of course will include more new features.

    There’s just one big ‘what if’ hanging in the room.. Will he make sure the app keeps working?

    I’m ok with not getting new features but I need at least a working app and we know Apple can be a pain sometimes with new updates.

  3. For some reason I thought this was going to be a desktop app, not just for mobile and tablets. So I tried to see if it would run on my M1 macbook, sure enough it does. Just using it as a looper but I noticed that it recognizes the Moog Model 15 and the new Animoog, although it doesnt see any other AU synths I have, just those 2. Either way, just want a looper that can capture a loop and set the tempo to the first loop which Ableton and Logic pro dont do with their clip launcher/loopers. Maybe Abletons Looper does this? I remember watching a video of a guy who did some set up to record loops in layers so he had each loop as an individual track. I’m not trying to do all of that, just want to hit a button, capture a loop and move on. Get a song, export the tracks, develop and continue.

    So yeah, Loopy Pro works on M1 macs. Extra awesome.

  4. Only iOS14 or higher… my iPad Pro iOS12 works fine, I don’t want any updates (that push me to buy another one) – so I pass, sorry Michael, I really love your apps (Loopy HD user)

    1. I think you should be fine running iOS15 on the iPad Pro but it wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of research first.
      First iPad Pro came out in 2017 which is only 4 years ago. You might already got a few apps not working in iOS 12 already.

    2. ipad pro 12.9 (2ndgeneration) and ipad 2018 (6th gen) work fine on 15.2 here.

      but you are right. don’t update too eagerly it is always a risk. Apple sucks.

  5. This app looks amazing. The name “Loopy” doesn’t really do it justice. You get most or all of the functionality of a full-blown DAW, with the immediacy of a looper, for 30 bucks on your iPad. Very, very impressive.

    Unfortunately I can’t just say that without pointing out the grotesque inadequacy of the iPad I/O situation. Because you can’t run this on an iPad in any professional capacity. This app is for iPad+dongle, and there is no way around it until Apple pulls their head out of their ass and puts more ports on their ubiquitous tablet.

    Even a single additional USB-C port would mean you could actually power your iPad without needing a stupid thing hanging off a 2-inch cable. Does Apple even realize how badly such dongles ruin iPad’s precious form factor?

    1. What we clearly not want is multiple cables sticking out of our tablets.
      But yes most have a tiny fixed cable attached which sucks on pretty much any device not just the iPad.
      I would suggest to buy a audio interface that has an extra usb port for your other devices.
      Also there are a few wireless options these days for MIDI.

      1. agree with all Nebula says about loopy pro.

        the dongle normally goes to power and a powered usb hub ( from a good brand, like Anker or Pluggable) there you can connect audio interface, midi controllers and usb class compliant instruments.

        korg (and others?) make wireless midi controllers.

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