Free App Turns Your iPhone, iPad Or Mac Into A Sample-Accurate, MPE-Ready MIDI Tape Recorder

Developer Geert Bevin has introduced MIDI Tape Recorder, a free and open source application that turns your iOS or macOS device into a sample-accurate 4-channel MIDI recorder.

MIDI Tape Recorder takes a different approach than used in most DAWs. Instead of quantizing your performance to align with the resolution of the DAW, MIDI messages are recorded and played back with the same accuracy and precision as audio recordings.

MIDI Tape Recorder records your performance exactly as you play it, just like an audio recorder, accurately reproducing every nuance of your performance. In a nutshell, MIDI Tape Recorder trades the MIDI editing features of traditional DAWs for accurate recording of the expressive MIDI streams of modern MPE controllers.

Even if you’re not using an MPE controller, MIDI Tape Recorder is designed to make it fun to record, play back and loop MIDI performances, without the complications of modern DAWs.


  • Four independent tracks for recording MIDI channel voice messages
  • Sample accurate MIDI recording and playback
  • Real-time display of active recorded notes and other received messages
  • MPE support
  • Multi-level undo and redo
  • Overdub recording
  • Punch in and punch out recording for automated regional overdubbing
  • Automated storage and recall of all recordings inside the AUv3 host project
  • MIDI file import and export for the project or each individual track
  • Repeated playback with start and stop locators
  • AUv3 parameters for all controls
  • Snap to beat option for positioning playhead and start/stop locators
  • Detection of MPE configuration message (MCM) reception for each track
  • Envoy of MCM at start of play or when pressing the track’s MPE button
  • Host transport and host tempo sync
  • Clear all recordings or clear a single track
  • Crop session to new duration
  • Fully resizable UI
  • Activity indicators for MIDI input and output on each track
  • Optional tool tips for every operation
  • Optional per-track record enable, input monitoring, and mute
  • Four virtual MIDI cable inputs if the AUv3 host supports it
  • Support for AUv3 user presets if the host supports it
  • Optional routing of first virtual MIDI cable to all tracks
  • Fully open-sourced under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, an approved Free Culture License

Pricing and Availability

MIDI Tape Recorder is available now as a free download.

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