Polyend Tracker v1.5 Firmware Now Available

Polyend has released Tracker v1.5, a firmware update that lets you save separate instruments with their settings, so you can import them to other projects, select slices in sample playback and more.

New Features:

  • Tracker can now save separate instruments with all their settings. This allows importing those instruments to other projects you’re working on.
  • You can now select slices in sample playback Beat Slice mode by pressing the corresponding pads
  • The “Step” function button label in Pattern Editor is now labeled “Step jump”

Bug Fixes:

  • Incorrect Fill range in certain settings is now fixed,
  • Sample recorder wasn’t recording if MIDI chord was playing,
  • Un-deletable instrument after loading project from the previous version is now fixed,
  • 1.5.0b1 regression: samples could be normalized to 0 after adding a new sample to the song,
  • Fixed freeze after changing granular LFO settings,
  • Bringing up the Instruments popup on the Tracker screen occasionally resulted in a flickering screen,
  • Slice fill effect counted “From” and “To” ranges incorrectly,
  • Tracker mixer’s visual performance is now better,
  • Removing OFF events revealed a left-over MIDI instrument on the track,
  • Beat slices weren’t fully displaying,
  • “Render Selection” was sometimes inconsistent,
  • Horizontal view mode edits weren’t always refreshing correctly on-screen,
  • Sample preview in Sample Recorder was sometimes distorted,
  • Volume of fast rolls was increasing on the last step of a pattern,
    TSTP FX is not anymore interfering with song export,
  • Tempo FX values below 40 were treated as T40,
  • Current playing pattern wasn’t always in sync with highlighted song slot on the Song screen,
  • Sidechain limiter stopped working after playing sound in Sample Editor/Sample Recorder,
  • Active Reverb was cut when Sample Recorder was entered, even if “No” was selected,
  • Subtle Limiter attack and release sounded too short after device restart,
  • Changing radio region to Japanese didn’t apply until device restart,
  • Part of the “Additional Info” bar was clearing when moving between Pattern Editor and other screens,
  • Using Shift+Up to select contents of the current track selected all tracks instead when sequencer was running

See the Polyend site for details.

11 thoughts on “Polyend Tracker v1.5 Firmware Now Available

    1. I guess it would depend on what type of hardware is inside Tracker. You would need a desktop operating system first. In my opinion, might as well use a laptop and a midi controller at that point

  1. Love this update, massive time saver and will be great for sharing. Digging in as soon as get home to see if can load the instruments from the Legowelt and Pete Cannon projects

  2. I’ve been eyeballing this sampler for awhile now, but I cannot seem to find any helpful info on the array of factory preset samples it comes with, nor any solid opinions on it’s overall sound engine…is it naturally deep and dark, mid-range or shine in the high end?

    I don’t know, but it would be nice to escape my DAW every once in awhile.

    1. Screw the presets, they are a dime a dozen now. I didnt care for any of them, just a ton of squelches and blips you come across everywhere, nothing amazing since they were based on other artist packs/styles like legowelt and that sarah something youtuber(the guitarist) who did a promo before this launched.

      As far as the sound, never liked it, it wasnt either you mentioned, just very digital. The filter sounded like a filter on an old non-brand name keyboard form the 90’s. I could never deal with the wavetables as Ive dealt with wavetables in other forms (eurorack/ ASM/ plugins/etc). Was just weird to deal with. It was missing a bunch of things that they have now addressed like the ability to still hear your beat while going through certian menus like sampling. For instance, you have a drumloop going, you want to play live and sample something to put on top of the drums. Once you went to the sample screen your beat stopped. Again, they changed this but it was weird to have a sampler/groovebox that couldnt do that. It was fun to noodle on but I never felt myself really getting in deep with it…then a ton of updates came which addressed a ton of my issues so maybe it was released early with a roadmap to complete but when your updates have more fixes than features, you kind of understand what happened.
      Overall, its fun but not a must have and the sound was as good as the samples you import, worse if you use any of the FX included(reverb/delay/filter/limiter or whatever else has been added since I had it I can also assume).
      Hope this helps.

  3. If they would get more advanced c(++) devs it would help a lot.
    Some offline effects like eq doesn’t work, a lot of freezes etc..
    I won’t use it for live performance until version 2 probably

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