Surge XT Now Available For Linux, Mac & Windows

The Surge Synthesizer Team has introduced Surge XT, a free and open source software synthesizer for Linux, Mac & Windows.

Surge XT is a major update to Surge, which was a commercial product prior to being open sourced. Over 2021, the Surge Synth team undertook an effort to rebuild Surge in JUCE and add a variety of features. This project resulted in the new version, Surge XT.

Surge XT features a hybrid synth architecture, supporting many synthesis techniques, and offering a wide selection of filters, modulation options and effects. Other key features include MPE support and microtuning.

There are hundreds of changes in Surge XT, in addition to the rewrite, including:

  • Improved patch navigation
  • Enhanced modulation options
  • Accessibility enhancements
  • Extensive keyboard shortcut support
  • New microtuning interface
  • New Tri-Pole filter type
  • Expanded waveshaper section
  • 4 send, scene insert and global insert effect slots
  • New effects
  • Updated UI
  • Updated patch library

Here’s an unofficial video demo, via PLUGINS4FREE:

Audio Demos

Here’s a playlist of Surge tracks, created as part of the One Synth Challenge:


Surge XT is available now. Developers can get the source via github.

via AKira

6 thoughts on “Surge XT Now Available For Linux, Mac & Windows

  1. I love that they say it is unapologetically digital (or words to that effect).

    Great to see things like PolyAT/MPE, release velocity, tuning maps, etc. It really is quite stunning.

    The GUI now scales freely.

    With Vital and now Surge XT, I think I can put Dune to rest.

  2. I vacated a couple of dusty synths when I moved to an M1 Mac, so I am a bit surprised to have downloaded this one, but it looks hella beefy. Its not just the colorful GUI, I swear. Its a bit cramped, but sensibly laid out, too.

    I’m going to drill down through the 2,779 (!) presets and get a fuller feel for its character. Then I’ll know if its a Keeper, a Dumper or a Sample the 47 Killer Patches and Then Dump-er. Probably a Keeper. It has a good pedigree.

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