Cubasis 3.4 Adds Ableton Link Support & More

Steinberg has announced the availability of Cubasis 3.4, an update to the mobile DAW that adds Ableton Link support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Cubasis 3.4:

  • Ableton Link Support – No matter if you are using iOS, Android, desktop or hardware: Ableton Link support in Cubasis makes staying synchronized with other Link-enabled apps easy and effortless.
  • MIDI Recording Workflow Improvements – Cubasis 3.4 adds many features to make recording easier. A long tap on the locator range lets you place the locators in a new position to quickly start your recording. Use the Chord Buttons to  create chord sequences, while recording melodies in one go. You want to find out how your pad sequence sounds at half speed? MIDI time-stretch lets you easily find out.
  • State Save / Total Recall Improvements – Cubasis 3.4 makes sure you will find the project in the exact same state as when you left the app last time. The editors remember the zoom level and position for each audio and MIDI event, allowing you to instantly continue with your edits. The same goes for the arranger, the mixer channel width, the setup choices you’ve made and more.
  • 75+ Improvements – Cubasis 3.4 adds more than 75 improvements for performance and stability.

Pricing and Availability:

Cubasis 3.4 for iOS is available now for 49.99 euros, including German VAT, or 49.99 US dollars. Cubasis 3.4 for Android is available for 29.99 euros, including German VAT, or 29.99 US dollars.

10 thoughts on “Cubasis 3.4 Adds Ableton Link Support & More

    1. Cubasis + Ableton Link and MPC Live 2 + Ableton Link.
      MPC Live 2 + Ableton Link and Ipad AUm + Ableton Link.
      Maschine + + Ableton Link and Whatever else (you see where im going)
      Ableton Link = Tight Syncing.

      If you want to sync cubasis with another DAW, more power to you but there’s more.

  1. First off, why the price difference on 2 different moile platforms? I know Android lacks in power and performance in comparison, so maybe theres feature limitations which is why the price is lower? Now that both stores heavily curate their app stores, once ad revenue takes a dip and IAP’s lose value, any mobile app above $10.00 will be seen as a joke. Thats a whole other conversation and one of the things my company is dealing with right now.

    Also, They finally added ableton Link, good job.

      1. No you don’t have to pay it again. It’s still cubasis 3. You had to pay for cubasis 3 coming from cubasis 2 (and no discount). Let’s see in a couple of years for cubasis 4.
        Yes paying again for a software is frustrating, but the cost of this daw on IOS is a fraction of the cost on pc or mac of cubase (I have it on ipad pro last gen and sincerely don’t see now so big difference with a mobile setup on a good notebook).
        paying 50$$ every let’s say 4 years for a substantially better product is ok for me (a bargain if I have to be sincere).

    1. Not if you are on V3 already but there is no upgrade path from V2 (which is very simpler, I haven’t bother paying again even though its currently 40% off)

  2. All some of us want is cubase as it was on the Atari. No bloatware or nonsense. Just key edit, arrange page, cut and paste etc . Imagine that .WOW. 30 year old tech that runs midi for us hardware based midi users.

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