New Fusion User Oscillator Puts Virtual Analog Inside Your Minilogue XD, Prologue Analog Synthesizer

Tsoniq has introduced Fusion, a new user-oscillator for the Korg Prologue and Minilogue XD, that puts a virtual analog synth engine in side your analog synth.

Fusion is an unusual oscillator in that it includes full control from the analogue section of the synthesizer, along with VA models of the ‘Logue’s own VCOs. As a result, the user-oscillator can respond to front panel controls such as the filter cutoff or the EG modulation.

Why would you want a virtual analog inside your analog?

Fusion gives you new synthesis options, like emulation of the Alpha Juno PWM Saw waveform (“hoover” sound), emulation of the JP8000 super-saw and super-square oscillators, emulation of the JP-4 sawtooth and sawtooth + sub oscillator, pulse and pulse + sub waveforms and phase modulation waveform generators.

You can layer fusion with the standard VCOs to thicken sounds and add sub-oscillators, or use it standalone to provide a complete virtual analog emulation of the Logue VCOs, but backed with a 24dB/octave filter. And it’s all controlled from the main synthesizer panel, by mirroring the VCO and VCF controls along with their modulation sources.


  • resonant 12/24dB low-pass, high-pass and band-pass filters with key-tracking and EG and LFO modulation from the front panel
  • accurate emulations of the Minilogue XD VCOs, including shape, sync, ring and cross-modulation
  • dual oscillators that shadow the corresponding VCO panel controls
  • a dedicated high-pass trim filter controlled via the multi-engine ‘shape’ control
  • an adjustable analogue ‘age’ controlled via the multi-engine ‘shift-shape’ control
  • the ability to use the VCO mixer levels to cross-fade between VCO and the paired digital oscillator

Pricing and Availability

Fusion is available now €20. A free ‘lite’ version is also available.

5 thoughts on “New Fusion User Oscillator Puts Virtual Analog Inside Your Minilogue XD, Prologue Analog Synthesizer

  1. Here is where I post that meme with Xzibit telling you he’s gonna put a virtual analog inside your analog cause you like analog so much, dawg.

  2. Does this work on an NTS-1?
    Edit – Never mind…the site tells us:
    “Please note that fusion does not support the NTS-1.”

    1. yeah, sadly the NTS lacks the analog controls that makes this special.

      this is the FIRST plugin to breakout of the “8 control” space of all the rest.

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