Low-Gain Electronics Intros 4U Matrix Mixer

Low-Gain Electronics has introduced a standalone/desktop 4U 8-in, 4-out Matrix Mixer.


  • Each of the 8 inputs have up to 2X Gain with use of the input attenuators. With the attenuator set to 12 o’clock, the incoming signal will be unity gain, fully clockwise and it will be 2X gain.
  • Each Summing Node input has a 3-Way toggle switch with the option to turn On, Off and Invert the signal from the corresponding output.
  • There are 1/4” inputs available on input 8 and output A (with attenuator trimmer on the back of of the pcb to set your preferred output level for 1/8” jack) for external processing.

Pricing and Availability

The Matrix Mixer is available to pre-order for $600 USD for the 4U module or $800 for a desktop unit.

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