Is Waldorf Introducing An MPE Keyboard?

Waldorf is teasing something new on their Facebook page.

They have not shared any details yet, but the minimal copy of both ads suggests that they may be introducing a keyboard that supports additional expressive control, via aftertouch or possibly polyphonic aftertouch.

Polyphonic aftertouch has never been common on synth keyboards and has largely been missing in action for decades. But in the last several years, that’s changed with the introduction of the ASM Hydrasynth and the Expressive E Osmose synthesizer.

Check out their teasers and share your thoughts on what they might be introducing – or what you’d like to see them introduce – in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Is Waldorf Introducing An MPE Keyboard?

    1. The M was completely underwhelming

      They did as little as they possibly could to give it a modern makeover

      It does very little when compared to the likes of a Hydrasynth

      And that price

      1. Feature/price ratio isn’t always relevant. You buy the M for it’s distinct sound and features. It’s up to each musician if it’s worth it to them or not.

  1. Good to know. Waldorf synths would marry well w having polyphonic aftertouch. I hope they do a Blofeld 2, with polyphonic aftertouch, since the Blofeld is multitimbral.

    1. i notice this too but i respect waldorf don’t try hard to show a “false picture”
      most keyboards even the expesnive ones are off by a tiny bit but it’s usually not somthing to worry about.
      we got so use to misleading “perfect” pictures we are asking for it 🙂

  2. Right now it looks like the only full-sized traditional synth keyboard with poly pressure that is actually available seems to be the Hydrasynth Deluxe, which has a 73-note/6 octave keyboard.

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