Gorgeous DIY Synthesizer Build

Audiovisual artists and craftsman Love Hultén shared this demo of his latest DIY synth build, TE-LAB.

The TE-LAB is an electromechanical sound machine, based on modules from Teenage Engineering & the Holograms Microcosm.  It also features a custom-built tangible sequencer, inspired by Lomond Campbell’s turntable.

Check it out and share your thoughts on it in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Gorgeous DIY Synthesizer Build

      1. I know this is what they do, and I’m not trying to make a call on whether “the results are magical” or not, I’m simply trying to correct the headline statement in that this definitely is not a “DIY synth,” not any more than it would be a “DIY car” if I gave it a new paint job.

    1. Right? He didn’t even fab his own processors or grow the trees for the enclosure. WTF?! Somebody deserves a huge ‘L’ for this. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw this art project too!

    2. Completely disagree.

      This project combines re-housing, elements built completely from scratch, and components based on TE’s DIY boards.

      There’s a lot more DIY going on here than somebody soldering a Eurorack module, and the results are more creative and original than typical DIY synth projects.

      I’m as impressed by this as I am by Bamana Brian’s projects which are DIY to the other extreme.

  1. About a year ago I bought two of these beautiful artful synths from a Facebook ad.

    I still haven’t received them.

    I see pictures of them at his site.

    Don’t buy any of it.

    1. I hope that was a joke. The images were copied and used by some Chinese company to scam people, if you actually paid for something from a Facebook ad you were conned into sending your money to a scammer. Here’s the warning that the creator posted on their Facebook page.

      “There’s a lot of SCAM sites claiming to sell my work these days. Be aware and DO NOT BUY!!”


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