Behringer Intros Their Cheapest Synth Yet, The $49 JP-4000

Behringer today introduced the JP-4000, a Roland JP-8000 sound engine emulation that’s their cheapest synth yet.

Behringer did not share specs for the new synth’s size, but it appears to be similar in size to devices like the Korg Monotron. “Don’t let the small size fool you,” they say. “It’s a full blown synthesizer in a micro package.”

The JP-4000 is described as a ‘4-Voice Hybrid Paraphonic Synthesizer’, because it pairs a four-voice virtual analog engine with a single analog filter.


  • Programmable 4-voice hybrid synthesizer with 2 analog modelling oscillators per voice
  • Analog filter
  • Reproduction of the JP-8k sound engine with Supersaw waveform
  • Additional 2-operator FM engine
  • Authentic 12-bit DAC for ‘classic sound’
  • 32 memory presets, expandable via SynthTribe app
  • 16 touch-sensitive keys ‘for great playability’
  • Arpeggiator with 3 patterns and hold function
  • Individual envelopes for filter and amplifier for creative sound shaping
  • 2 powerful LFO’s to control filter and oscillator tuning
  • 6 function buttons and bright OLED display
  • USB Micro connector allows powering via smartphone, power bank or computer
  • USB/MIDI implementation (including NRPN/CC control of all parameters and bulk load/save)

Pricing and Availability

Behringer expects the JP-4000 to ship in June 2022, with a suggested retail price of $49 USD.

61 thoughts on “Behringer Intros Their Cheapest Synth Yet, The $49 JP-4000

      1. oh thats odd, it has the jp8k engine, but then a real analog filter on the output??

        actually it makes a lot more sense when you realize they probably designed this for the unison and chord modes

  1. 12-bit = classic sound

    12-bit = “features sought-after bit-crushed tones”

    Color me cork sniffer, but that’s a hard pass for me.

    Maybe B-word’s least expensive synth, but probably not the cheapest.

  2. If we all stop buying things with USB micro connectors they may go away….

    That said, its Behringer, so it will probably never be released, I think they are just an advertising company.

    1. Behringer’s info is a little confusing on the paraphony/polyphony issue.

      It seems that this is essentially a four-voice virtual analog, with an additional single analog low pass filter on the output. We’ll know more in June.

    2. “enough” is a funny word. Enough for extended chords that fade into each other with no voice stealing? Obviously not. But limited polyphony/paraphony is one of those things that can take you out of your normal groove, as I am discovering with my matriarch which I thought I’d just use as a semi-modular monosynth.

  3. yeah, i predict noise issues with the usb power knowing B. also, no midi din so i’m guessing i can’t, for example, hook it up to a keystep + power it simultaneously.

  4. If Behringer is going to appeal to those of us looking for devices that don’t take up a lot of space they should consider releasing some 1U gear. A clone of the Cheetah MS6 with its separate outs board would be the bees’ knees — even if it was scaled-back, say four-voice multitimbral instead of six, I’d still happily buy two. Add a wavefolder and/or a wavetable oscillator and I’d buy six.

    1. The MS-6 was just a basic synth built around CEM3396 voice chips, but with a user interface designed by someone who hated people.

      It’s odd how people keep asking companies to make budget synths from the mid-1980s as if they’re the holy grail.

      1. 1u analog polys have some advantage. they don’t take much space, usually have a good sound and can be used with plug-in editors.
        too bad there not enough of them.

  5. I think you’re meant to wear this and a VS Soul around your neck so you’ll have fake synth cred at parties. Then Uli should release a keytar with a speaker so you can play them in real-time. Let your inner Flock of Seagulls fly, sending your dog and most girls running.

  6. ‘Hans’ – you’re using multiple user names to comment with on the site and you’re alternating between personal attacks and spamming the site.

    Contribute constructively and your comments will not be deleted.

  7. I dream of waking up to a Christmas stocking full of tiny synthesizers.

    The fact that this thing actually has a display is sort of amazing.

  8. And if you attach a strap and turn it sideways, you have a synth-accordion.

    LOL. I kill me. Thank you ladies and germs. I’ll be here all week.

  9. I hope that they make more of these mini guys and make some sort of hub for them – do like a usb host/power and a built in 3.5mm mixer and cv sync out.

    1. I’m a small person or what you call a ‘midget’ and find your comment offensive!

      @Moderator: please moderate i really feel that the comment is making fun of people like moi

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