The Muro Box Is A MIDI-Controllable Mechanical Music Box

Teveofy Technology recently introduced the Muro Box, a electro-mechanical music box that can play any melody, because you can customize what it plays using a mobile app. A MIDI input port is also available as an option, so the Muro Box can be used as a MIDI-controlled instrument.

Here’s a video demo of playing the Muro Box using a MIDI keyboard:

And here’s an example, via Mark Steiner, of the Muro Box being played with the NuRAD MIDI controller:

Pricing and Availability

The Muro Box is available now, priced starting at $375.

12 thoughts on “The Muro Box Is A MIDI-Controllable Mechanical Music Box

    1. I get why you’re saying this but I strongly disagree. As a musician who tries to incorporate the liveliness of real recorded music boxes (rather than just triggering a bunch of sample libraries and continually having to ask myself “Does this sound real? Have I fooled them?”), I find this super useful. Plus the real music boxes I’ve found are always limited to a particular key signature, so this is truly rad and useful insofar as I don’t have to build a track around the music box’s key signature.

      IMHO this is way cooler and more useful than *yet another* synth plugin or even hardware analog synth. I realize I sound very wooey in saying this, but I’ve found through the years that recording real instruments transfers a certain organic energy, liveliness and dynamism into a track that you simply won’t get with sample libraries. Even if that energy is just a manifestation of my own excitement and intrigue and sense of being inspired, it’s real and it’s undeniable.

  1. There could be a way that a MIDI controlled music box could do some semblance (first time I’ve ever typed that word?) of velocity.

    If we split the production of each note into two functions: a pin pulls the tine down, and then releases it. Soft velocities release the tine after a very small amount of downward pull, and hard velocities would pull the tine down further before releasing it. It would be the equivalent, I suppose, of having shorter or longer pins on the barrel.

    I’d much rather use really well-recorded samples, but this is super charming and clever.

  2. i would literally have purchased this BUT no flats or sharps. deal breaker. with something like this you have to able to play mysterious melodies.

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