Oxi One Piano Sequencing

This video, via Munich-based artists Perplex On, captures a live audiovisual performance, featuring the Oxi One step sequencer, being used to create olyrhythmic piano sequences, combined with live visuals.

Here’s what they shared about the technical details:

“Using the #OxiOne as a sequencer for some minimal piano stuff. So one sequencer on the Oxi is set to chord mode providing some chord changes but is actually not sequencing anything, while the 3 other sequencers are set to harmonizer mode which basically quantizes all notes going on there to the scale of the chord sequencer. The other sequences contain a straight mono arpeggio, a poly notes sequence as well as a polyrhythmical sequence. On top there’s a LFO modulating the note velocity over a couple of bars and a pinch of random velocity and pitch induced. Oxi One is sequencing #Noirepiano running on a nearby laptop via bluetooth. Visuals made with HeavyM software synced via Ableton Link.”

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Oxi One Piano Sequencing

  1. I received my OXI about a week ago, without a doubt the most interesting, fun and flexible hardware sequencer I have used…I went for it for the CV side with my modular using the pipe, but having as much fun with my iPad running UAM over BT….perfect!

  2. Even though it’s a simple and fairly random-ish sequence, I like soft dynamic with the accents all doubled by snare drum with brushes. Nothing groundbreaking there, but a nice vibe.

      1. In this case this percussive sound is from the felt of the felted piano 😉 You can find some free felted piano libraries on the wonderful pianobook.co.uk site, most of them in decentsampler format which can be loaded into decentsampler app on the ipad

        1. Ah, the felted piano samples must be super close-mic’ed. And even then, the high end must be pumped. I’d imagine most felted piano libraries would need that brush/snare layer to get a similar effect.

          As for iOS, might be worth looking at Atom 2. Not even close in terms of workflow, but could probably get something similar … ish.

          I also like the Oxi effect of changing durations. Is that adding a sustain pedal in spots or some CC to control durations?

          1. There’s a sustain pedal involved indeed. I have an irig blueboard + connected sustain pedal paired with the Oxi. Since the Oxi also does midi ble through it’s a great way to add wireless sustain expression.

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