Behringer ‘Clones Themselves’, Intros Proton Synthesizer

Behringer today introduced an original synth design, the Proton, that’s designed to be a semi-modular partner to their Neutron synth.

“This time we cloned ourselves…,” they note.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The Proton is a semi modular synth, with a 64 patch points and dual oscillators with 5 blending waveforms, oscillator sync, pulse width modulation and individual sub-oscillators take sound creation into another dimension. It also includes a utility section with Attenuverters, multiples, signal/CV mixer and summer for creative patching.

Just imagine the possibilities when cross patching with the Neutron – truly mind boggles.

But we didn’t stop the innovation there and we added great features like Wave Folding, Looping Reversible Envelopes and Sub Oscillators that will shake the foundations of the synth world.

There are 2 flexible LFOs with 5 waveforms, MIDI clock sync, key sync, phase and depth controls.”


  • Paraphonic mode allows both oscillators to be independently controlled for multi-timbral sounds
  • Semi-modular design requires no patching for immediate performance
  • Analog signal path based on authentic VCO, VCF and VCA designs
  • Dual oscillators with 5 waveforms, oscillator sync, pulse width modulation and individual sub-oscillators
  • Oscillator waveform control blends seamlessly between 5 shapes (tone mod, pulse, sawtooth, triangle and sine)
  • 2 self-oscillating, multi-mode VCFs can be configured in parallel or series with linkable CVs
  • 2 ASR envelopes with reverse/inverse/loop/bounce options to control VCAs and wave folder
  • 2 analog ADSR generators for modulating the VCFs for unique sound performance
  • Multi-mode wave folder adds rich harmonic content and massive flexibility to the LFOs
  • 2 flexible LFOs with 5 waveforms, MIDI clock sync, key sync, phase and depth controls
  • Noise generator dramatically expands waveform generation
  • External audio can be summed into one or both VCFs to massively enhance sound generation
  • Utility functions include attenuverters, multiples, signal/CV mixer and summer for creative patching
  • External audio input with level control and soft clipping circuit for processing external sound sources
  • 64 patch points for advanced modular connection and integration with external equipment
  • 68 controls give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • Eurorack format –main module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case
  • MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection

Pricing and Availability

Behringer says that “We also cloned our price – US$ 299.” Availability is TBD, because production is waiting on chip availability.

45 thoughts on “Behringer ‘Clones Themselves’, Intros Proton Synthesizer

  1. Now this is more like it! I liked the Neutron in principle but the very noisy delay was kind of a deal-breaker for me.

    1. I actually like the delay. Modulating the delay time with an lfo creates some really crazy sounds, and you can bypass the delay if you turn all the delay knobs down.

  2. Yay! Another Music Tribe monosynth built around Curtis chips. They’re obviously catering to former Pokemon card collectors at this point.

      1. Let’s be explicit. Music Tribe makes knock-offs of Curtis and SSL chips. They have been endlessly regurgitating various combinations of those chips as a series of meh semi-modular monosynths. They’ve tapped out that market.


      “In 2016, it was announced that the CEM3340 VCO had been remanufactured by OnChip using the original design, the CEM3340 RevG. Other manufacturers manufactured copies of the Curtis Chips as well since the patents had expired. Cool Audio produces the V3340 and the V3320. AS ALFA RPAR released the AS3310, AS3320, AS3330, AS3340, AS3345 and AS3360 in DIP and SMD packages”

      Get over yourself. Been going on for years without any involvement from Behringer

      1. OnChip pays royalties to the family of Doug Curtis, the original inventor.

        “To avoid any confusion, please know that there is only one manufacturer of the authentic CEM3340 designed by my late husband, Doug Curtis. Any claims, use of this product designation, and use of the name Curtis Electromusic by other companies are made without permission from OnChip Systems (our current company name) or the Curtis Family.

        “As much as Doug would be humbled and so very happy about the legacy his products enjoy, we can assure you that as a person of the highest integrity he would be deeply saddened by the attempt of others to trade on his name and to make unsubstantiated claims of equivalency to his original inventions.”

    1. With two vcos, two envelopes, two vcfs and two vcas, there might indeed be a 2-voice poly mode inside (or via a firmware hack). And of course you can poly chain. Wow. Nice.

  3. Love it love it. Will rack well with my 2600, Hydrasynth, Neutron, and my Eurorack.

    Noodle city!!! But honestly this will pair well with my gear in my small humble studio!

  4. I would like to see them make a knockoff of the neutron…. and then a knockoff of that. And then a knockoff of that. Thousands of Neutron generations later there exists an unrecognizable, mutated electronic object bearing no resemblance to a synthesizer or any other consumer product. Something that acts of its own accord and is upsetting to children and the elderly. Still only $299.

  5. its complete garbage

    just like everything else on this planet

    and it’s ugly as shit too


  6. I love how they have different names for things that are less different than their names. I also love Synthtopia for a similar reason, worded differently.

  7. Awesome actual real life products that are available for order right now were released today, such as the Modal 5s and the new Squarp controller, but Synthtopia instead works extra hard to keep its comment monster Behringer posts, for products we won’t see for 3 years, at the front page of their website.

  8. The one who loses has no right to be angry,
    for this money the best synthesizer will not appear in the near future ..
    .. Unless Beringer throws out something even better.

  9. I have a Neutron. It is a great synth. Judging by the Neutron reviews on the Sweetwater website, many other Neutron users agree. If someone wants to steal my Neutron, they’re going to have to pry it from my cold dead hands.

    As much as I like my Neutron, this Proton for $299 looks like a nice add-on.

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