Mid Century Modern Sounds For The Moog Model 15 App

Moog Music has released Mid-Century Moog, a new collection of presets for their Model 15 virtual instrument that they describe as “Sounds of the future, inspired by classic modular synth albums of the past.”

The new presets are available now within the Model 15 app as the “Mid-Century Moog” expansion pack.

You can preview them via the embed below:

9 thoughts on “Mid Century Modern Sounds For The Moog Model 15 App

    1. It might be possible to run them in mono as they originally were on the original hardware, record them that way in your DAW, then add whatever effects you want afterwards.

  1. These sound very authentic. It’s amazing how good Model 15 is for the price, and that you can use it on your phone, your iPad or your computer and it’s all the same.

    Somebody clearly had fun nailing that ‘mid century tuning’!

  2. The sounds in this pack are just what I was looking for. I think the Model 15 is fantastic. However, a lot of the patches from from the previous sets “suck all the air out of the room”. I was looking for some of the “switched on” sounds, and I think this one delivers. I will agree that the demo is not too good. They should have demoed more patches.

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