IK Multimedia Launches Massive Free Sound Library For UNO Synth, UNO Synth Pro, UNO Drum

IK Multimedia has launched UNO Sounds, a massive free sound library for the UNO Synth Pro, UNO Synth and UNO Drum.

For the synths, you’ll find sound collections from artists, DJs and designers, and for UNO Drum, more vintage kits.

All UNO Sounds are free to registered users and can be downloaded from the IK Product Manager.

See the IK site for details.

8 thoughts on “IK Multimedia Launches Massive Free Sound Library For UNO Synth, UNO Synth Pro, UNO Drum

  1. I’m confused regarding this announcement for the Uno Drum: from what I can tell there are no additional kits on offer than previously (10 sets of 4 kits + two ‘Artists’ sets). Maybe IK have yet to roll out the further sounds for the Drum?

  2. IK Multimidea is probably the worst company when it comes to support. I’ve send emails,posted on forums, private messages and called. Zero response.

    1. Our support team handles tickets every day, I’m sure there’s an explanation for what happened (note that forums are not a medium for official support from IK). If you provide your ticket number I can have someone look into it, thank you.

      1. To be more specific:

        I used ikmultimedia.com/contact-us/ and got not response. So I called the office, got a nice lady on the phone, she gave me an email. Send my email on 2/25 and got no response. Tried a private message to Peter on Gearslutz (because he’s very active there), no response.

        1. Best is the email, I would think something got lost somewhere. Instead of posting that email here, please re-send a PM to Peter as I asked and he does not see an unanswered PM there. In that case it is also better to PM moderators on our official IK Forum in the future but the email should have been received and answered.

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