Generative Ambient Music With A Small Eurorack Rig & Moog Sound Studio

Synthesist Luca Francini shared this generative ambient music piece, created with a minimal Eurorack rig & Moog Sound Studio.

Generative music is a type of composition where sounds occur according to a composer’s rules or system, so that the the range of possible musical events is predetermined, but when they happen is not.

Here’s what Francini shared about the technical details:

  • 2hp Play is filled with 9 audio files, recorded in Cubase (vocals, nature fx, flutes & strings)
  • Moog Sound Studio is used to create the background drone
  • Both sources are mixed in Intellijel Mixup, and sent to Mutable Instruments Beads
  • Random gates and LFO triggeer 2hp Play and scrub through the 9 audio files
  • Feedback and grains from Beads make the sounds randombly overlap

“It’s amazing how useful is 2hp Play paired with Mutable Instruments Beads and some random gates and cv,” notes Francini.

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