Live Ambient Music In The Woods

This video, via drone-in-the-woods, captures a live location performance by Nigel Rippon (Gyil – African wood xylophone) & Keith Sutton (synths).

Here’s what they shared about the performance:

“Half an hour before this session it was pouring with rain, but it was the last day of the storms down South and we sheltered from the receding winds on the side of the hill.

This was the first of three tracks recorded during that session, and you can see and hear the wind in the trees above us whilst Nigel improvises flowing patterns on his gyil overtop of the track that I started writing in my last video.”

6 thoughts on “Live Ambient Music In The Woods

  1. I listened to this 3x in a row. A lot of ambient music sort of rambles, but this piece had intent and cohesion, so it sounded especially nice to me. That’s as it should be. Added points for having the brass ones to play your gear in a rainy forest.

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