Version 12 Of Tracktion’s Waveform Pro Now Available

Tracktion Corporation has released Waveform 12, a major update to the DAW that the company calls its “broadest update in ten years”.

Waveform 12 makes the DAW’s features even more accessible, further improves workflow and builds a solid foundation for new additions in the coming years.

Here are some of the highlights of what’s new in Waveform 12:

  • Waveform 12 brings big improvements to both UI and Workflow, including an entirely new Smart Browser, additional Plugins and Effects, a cutting edge Audio Engine, advanced MIDI features, Hardware Controller Support and hundreds of updates throughout the software.
  • The UI welcomes the return of a customizable color editor offering bold new light and dark modes in its visual palette. The Actions and Properties panel have been unified to reclaim screen space and a dedicated master track has been added to both the Arrange and Mix windows
  • The new Browser has been designed for speed and agility giving direct, frictionless access to Plugins, Presets, Racks, Samples, Clips, Tracks or All. Favorites can now be Tagged and Colour Coded while Smart Lists allows Edit and Project items to be previewed and consolidated. Plus, the Browser can be used as the popup plugin selector with live text entry.
  • Waveform 12 includes a brand new BASSOSC instrument, fifteen refreshed Audio Effects, six handy Utility Plugins and a low latency Dual Guitar IR. The IR can be used to accurately simulate guitar and bass amplifier cabinets to aid live play, tracking, mixing and more with content from the DAW.
  • MIDI Fold options make editing easier than ever before and the new Event List Editor helps users to keep tabs on their work. The Drum Grid Mode offers a drum-centric alternative to the Piano Roll while deep Randomization options are on hand to humanize velocity, pitch, note start and note length. Step Clips now have probability, to breathe life into basic patterns, while MIDI Strum injects instant movement and realism.
  • A completely re-worked audio engine dramatically boosts CPU performance, allowing for an array of new audio enhancements including powerful Podcast and dialogue editing tools like advanced strip silence.
  • Waveform 12 now includes the entire DAW Essentials collection of 16 contemporary FX plugins. Plus, users will benefit from new partnerships with companies such as TuneCore and ICON.

Pricing and Availability

Waveform 12 is available now, with pricing starting at $149. A 90-day demo version is also available.

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