This Laser-Powered MIDI Controller Will Trigger Your Vuvuzela

The latest Perfect Circuit video takes an in-depth look at the BEAMZ, a laser-powered MIDI controller that not only lets you trigger your vuvuzela, but lets you get your cardio in while you do it.

You may know the BEAMZ as Beamz by Flo Rida, a smaller, four-laser version that was marketed as an easy way for people with no musical skills to have fun making music. You could use it to trigger samples and loops, or even your vuvuzela air horn sample:

But Wes at Perfect Circuit managed to track down the original BEAMZ Professional Edition – a larger, more powerful MIDI controller that’s more like a mainstream take on Jean Michel Jarre’s Laser Harp.

Where Beamz by Flo Rida featured quadruple laser triggers, the full-size BEAMZ Professional Edition featured sextuple laser-triggered MIDI action. So you can still use it to trigger your vuvuzela, but you can also use it to trigger loops in Live or play a soft synth.

“Working in the professional corner of the electronic music industry, it’s easy for us to look at a device like Beamz and immediately write it off as a gimmick,” notes Perfect Circuit’s Ryan Gaston.

But he adds, “While we’ve had fun prodding at Beamz, frankly, it has provided us with some of the most fun we’ve had playing with music gear in a long time. No joke – you can trigger an airhorn sample with a laser. No matter how old I get, that is always going to be awesome.”

Beamz Interactive is still around and making laser controllers, but their focus has shifted towards music education and music therapy.

Are you ready to trigger your vuvuzela in a new way? Check out the video demo and share your thought in the comments!

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  1. “It slices & Dices!”
    BUT wait…there’s more…YOU also get a set of steak knives to stab your audience in the ears with!

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