Dreamy Live Ambient Set Combines Vocals & Synthesis

Tefty & Meems, a husband and wife duo based in Northern California, shared this live ambient set, featuring vocals and the electronic sounds of the Take 5, Wavestate, Microcosm and Big Sky.

Tracks include:

00:00 The Underworld
10:20 River Styx
23:35 Requiem for Charon

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

“The @Hologram Electronics Microcosm looping has been great for ambient music. Did this set basically improvised utilizing the Microcosm’s looper. The @strymon Big Sky tied the sounds together post looper. The instrumental and Meems voice were multi tracked to Ableton Live for a mix a few weeks later. Both the @Korg Wavestate and @Sequential Take 5 were patched into a mixer that was patching the audio to the Microcosm. This allowed for capturing loops from both the Take 5 and Wavestate as desired.

Also, during the mix phase, we sent Meems vox back into the Microcosm for another layer of dreamy dimension into the mix. You hear it more on the second and third track as extra ‘phantom voices’.”

4 thoughts on “Dreamy Live Ambient Set Combines Vocals & Synthesis

  1. Tefty and Meems made it to Synthtopia. Watched a lot of their MPC Live videos and some great live synth jams. Great Duo.

  2. Wow! Very very VERY sweet! Parts of the beginning tracks remind me of Vangelis’s score
    for the film “The Bounty”. And that’s one of my all-time favorites. And the vocals take it to another dimension. Keep up the great work!

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