After 35 Years, Oberheim Is Officially Back In Action…And Is A New OB-X On The Way?

Oberheim today shared this video, saying that, 35 years after it ceased operations, “Oberheim is back. And a new chapter is about to begin.”

It’s a teaser announcement at this point, but the announcement suggests that new Oberheim-branded synths are on the way, and possibly a new take on the OB-X or OB-Xa.

The video features Tom Oberheim, former Oberheim engineers Marcus Ryle (co-founder of Line 6/co-creator of the ADAT) and Tony Karavidas, and Sequential’s Dave Smith. Based on the video description, it sounds like a Oberheim has a new synth to announce, created in collaboration with Smith and the Sequential team.

They add, “Get ready to party like it’s 2099.”

Check out the video and share your thoughts on what the new Oberheim synth may be in the comments!

27 thoughts on “After 35 Years, Oberheim Is Officially Back In Action…And Is A New OB-X On The Way?

  1. I’m certainly intrigued however I will reserve judgement especially since Dave (whom is unreservedly brilliant) has done little but regurgitate the same basic technology for the last several 6 years. Tom on the other hand is truly a gentle and kind soul. I wish them the best and look forward to the collaboration. I’m hopeful they will allow for new ideas and a more modern UI to take shape.

    1. Korg probably has the most varied and interesting lineup of any synth manufacturer at this point.

      But the Prophet 10, the Take 5, the Prophet X, the OB-6 are stone-cold classics, with very different sounds and capabilities.

      1. Last year, Dave Smith himself stated that at this point in his career he is far more interested in “combining” interesting and proven technologies than innovating as he felt there is only so much that can be done with synthesis.

        And I’m not saying one must reinvent the wheel every time.

        1. I think each time Dave has tried something different with synthesis he’s had people complain. The Prophet X was a complete disaster and I think at this point he’s going to just stick with analog subtractive synthesis…but I personally would love for him to do a VCO/Wavetable poly synth.

          1. How is the Prophet X ‘a complete disaster’?

            When I tested it, I thought it was one of the more impressive instruments that I’ve ever played. Especially the XL version. On my ‘bucket list’ of synths!

            1. It had major firmware issues upon release. early adopters started selling them in droves, driving used prices down to nearly half of retail. i nearly impulse bought one at the reduced price but got scared off by the firmware complaints i found online. soon after, there was a major firmware update and everyone seems happy with it now. used prices have stabilized.

  2. Hope it will be a modern instrument with a modern interface carrying an old friend.
    Let it be a patch saving small multitimbre party synth using a good combo of direct control and display interface.

  3. it is a teaser for:

    A – a new line of napkins made for drawing on
    B – a signature Dave Smith tequila
    C – an exclusive bar where you can rub shoulders with synth legends
    D – some kind of device for making music

    i guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 😉

  4. While I don’t have good experience with the Oberheim brand it seems like Tom is going to have some help this time and hopefully a bit more consistency in regards to manufacturing. I am happy for him. While an OBX or OBXa reissue is likely inevitable, I’m less interested in that and more interested in his SEM SonOfFourVoice or Two Voice Pro synths and SEM Eurorack modules.

    I wonder if newly made OB6s now will have the original Oberheim logo/brand on them.

  5. Chances are this will be the OBX remake- They patented the name last year – and it will be a fitting rebuttle of the UBXA from Behringer. This is very very exciting as it has the same filter and envelopes as the 2/4/8 voice but has memory etc… Please put a ribbon controller on it.

    SOOOOOOOOO excited- if you’ve every played one there is alomst nothing like it. who cares if it’s been done 40 years ago they sound truly unbeleivable- these will be reliable, stay in tune, giggable etc etc…

    The main problem will be at what cost!!

  6. I would love a 1) OBX reissue with a toggle between OBX, OBXa and OB8 sound textures. Full size with retro outputs but midi and USB installed. 2) A Module with the same features 3) A more stable Two Voice SEM with more a toggle to add two additional voices to compete with the Moog matriarch. My Oberheim Dream Team (3)

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