Carolina Eyck’s New Theremin Album, Thetis 2086, Now Available

Thereminist Carolina Eyck shared the music video for her arrangement of Jan Bilk’s Thetis, from her new album, Thetis 2086.

The piece is based on a composition by Eyck’s father Jan Bilk, and reflects her earliest musical memories.

“This is the music I listened to as a child, it shaped my journey as a musician,” Eyck says. Her parents introduced her to the theremin and its unique way of working when she was seven.

Thetis 2086 is a collection of 12 tracks, meant to take you on the journey from an alien planet, the eponymous Thetis, through space to land on Earth and explore the wonders of this world, through the eyes of one never having seen it before. 

It’s available now to stream and download.

2 thoughts on “Carolina Eyck’s New Theremin Album, Thetis 2086, Now Available

  1. I did listen to Jan Bilk: Thetis | Carolina Eyck – Theremin & Voice and and I enjoyed it.

    But I nearly did hear the Theremin at all. Maybe this is blunt but i think that’s a good thing.
    Because the Theremin associates me with spooky sounds for a black&white movie only.

    I also noticed that most of the time the player is a woman…I wonder why.

  2. Because when a man plays a theremin it’s just too manly for theremin aficionados and if it doesn’t sound like Clara Rockmore it ain’t a theremin according to theremin experts everywhere!!!

    Besides, most men look ridiculous in an evening gown.

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