Generative Ambient Music On The Moog Mother-32 & Subharmonicon

Synthesist Claus Gahrn shared this generative ambient piece for the Moog Mother-32 and Subharmonicon.

Here’s what Garhn shared about the technical details:

Patch notes:

KB – LFO Rate
LFO Tri – Mix 2
VC Mix – VCF Cutoff
Sequencer direction set to random

SEQ 1 – Cutoff
SEQ 2 – VCO 1 In

Mother-32 — Subharmonicon:
Assign (Sequencer Clock) – Clock In


6 thoughts on “Generative Ambient Music On The Moog Mother-32 & Subharmonicon

  1. this is not what comes out of these 2 boxes
    there is a big wash of reverb on it and who knows whatever else. 😉

  2. I enjoyed the video. Luscious and peaceful music. I don’t own either one of these synths….but I may in the future. I personally love Ambient and Generative music. I do my own.

    Very nice video Claus, and thank you for sharing.


  3. Great use of a small system and minimal inputs to create something beautiful.

    Claus – if you see this, please share the details on your effects, too!

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