Behringer Intros Massive RS-9 Rhythm Sequencer For Eurorack

Behringer today introduced the RS-9 Rhythm Sequencer for Eurorack modular synthesizer – a massive gate sequencer, based on their RD-9 drum machine.

The Behringer RS-9 is ready for testing, according to the company. It features 10 individual outputs and full USB/MIDI control, so you can use it to trigger any external drum module or modules.

Pricing and Availability

Behringer says that this is a pre-production prototype, so the release date is to be announced. They are targeting a retail price of $149 USD.

27 thoughts on “Behringer Intros Massive RS-9 Rhythm Sequencer For Eurorack

      1. Behringer uses their own pots and they are definitely of subpar quality compared to pretty middle of the road stuff like alpha pots. Widely known and documented.

        1. I remember the video they made about casting metal in their facility of this this “high quality pots”, was really innovative like everything they do.

    1. It’s completely obvious that you have never touched the pots, switches or buttons of the RD-9 or the RD-8 for that matter

      Just chiming in with the herd

      1. I have. I bought the rd-9 last week. I have the model d and really like it but the rd-9 was so cheap feeling that I packed it up and sent back same day.. Even the screen printed lettering was half faded. So cheap it didn’t deserve to be in my studio full of cheap hardware.

    1. I suppose they could copy the Erica PicoDrum2, Drum Black, and Sample Drum to go along with this copy of the Erica Drum Sequencer.

  1. For that price I want two it will open many creative doors.
    Now mix that with 960 SEQUENCER. Let the fun begin.
    Hope it’s release.

  2. Not sure I’d want something that big just for gate sequencing in the rack- the beatstep pro is probably more useful and playable as an external cv controller.

  3. At the first glance, this sequencer seems to be ticking all the boxes
    For the price this gate sequencer looks fantastic!
    As long as it works as it should ?

  4. That looks pretty cool. Now do a semi modular standalone groove box by squashing together the best bits of the crave, the neutron and RD8/9. Please and thank you.

  5. The RD-9 sequencing rly takes the TR909 workflow to another level.
    So taking just the sequencer and porting it to eurorack is certainly one of behringers good moves.

    1. I agree. it really gives me time to pick a choose the stuff I want, not fixate on the very next time all the time. I have plans out for several years. no sweat off my canoe.

  6. yes yes and YES i have been waiting for this since the first pic that came out over a year ago. Quality of behringer modules is top notch i have entire system, 100 and everything is as solid as it can be. THey had some issues with some tuning in some modules in the beginning but everything was fixed. If you’re still in 22 say shit about their products – especially eurorack – you never touched one.

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