Star Wars Day: Sound Design At Skywalker Sound

This video, part of Apple’s Behind The Mac series, profiles Skywalker Sound and the sound designers that create the soundscapes of Star Wars, Jurassic Park and other blockbuster worlds.

While the mini-documentary is ultimately a promo for Mac computers, it also does a great job of looking at the role of sound designers, the tools they use, their process and the impact they make to how we experience movies.

It’s a broad overview, vs a deep dive, but it’s fascinating to see how foley artists create the sound of alien worlds, and how the sound of a toy can get transformed into the sound of a space ship.

5 thoughts on “Star Wars Day: Sound Design At Skywalker Sound

    1. An add for discontinued systems which have no comparable replacement? It looks more like an add for their inability to sustain their legacy without Jobs!

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