Superbooth 2022: Percussa Super Signal Processor Getting A Major Update

Ahead of Superbooth 2022, being held May 12-14 in Berlin, Percussa has announced a major update to their Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack module.

The SSP is a modular synth, multichannel direct to disk recorder and USB audio interface, all in 60HP.

The update, which Percussa says they’ve been working on since 2019, features a complete graphics rewrite for accelerated 2D and 3D graphics. Additionally, the SSP’s plugin SDK has been updated to enable plugin developers to use the GPU as well, for 2D or 3D graphics via OpenGL(ES).

In addition to increased DSP power, audio processing optimizations, and accelerated graphics, the update features bug fixes and improved memory management, and comes with a new “3D wave scanning” oscillator, developed by Percussa, featuring GPU powered raytraced 3D graphics.

Other updates since their last Superbooth visit include 24-channel USB audio support, improving MIDI MPE support and improvements to the step sequencer, sampler and direct to disk recorder.

In addition to the new software update, open source developer and SSP power user @thetechnobear (Mark Harris) is releasing over 10 new plugins for the Percussa SSP, and will be demoing these daily at the Percussa SSP table at Superbooth. Harris has created a wide range of plugins, including a performance mixer, matrix switchers and mixers, sample and hold modules, utility modules, and ports of open source modules such as Clouds, Rings and Plaits. The SSP now offers more than 50 modules in total.

The new software update is currently in beta, with the release version to be made publicly available by the end of June. The update will be available via the Percussa forum. Percussa has also opened up pre-orders for the next production batch of SSPs.

7 thoughts on “Superbooth 2022: Percussa Super Signal Processor Getting A Major Update

  1. I’m actually quite excited to see what the ray traced 3d graphics look like on this thing.

    Can’t see myself being able to afford one of these soon but I love the fact that products like this exist.
    Granted a ‘computer’ would be cheaper but for someone that want’s to keep it all in the rack, has the money and is prepared to learn it inside out – Rock and Roll (it is a computer anyway)

  2. I was tempted in my Eurorack days but it was a one man operation and that one man didn’t look terribly healthy.
    I felt like I’d be buying into something half finished with the possibility of zero support/development in the not too distant future.
    I bought a Waldorf Iridium instead.

  3. This is good news all round – SSP will now have 60 odd modules to choose from (Mixers, Sampler, Sequencer, Matrix Switchers, Utility modules, LFO, Wave Oscillator, Delay, Reverb, Filter, ports of Clouds, Rings and Plaits and more) together with 24-channel USB audio support. It’s a Eurorack power house not for the timid.

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