Tubbutec OrganDonor Adds MIDI To Vintage Organs, String Machines & Polysynths

Tubbutec has introduced OrganDonor, a universal midi interface for electronic organs, string machines and polyphonic synthesizers.

It can be used to midify machines where other approaches fail.

OrganDonor uses analogue switches to directly simulate keyboard presses. A large voltage range of up to +-20V allows interfacing with most vintage machines. In addition, parameters such as filter cutoff, glide or preset selection switches can often be interfaced as well.

The modular approach lets you add as many analogue switches as needed. This allows even large polyphonic synthesizers or organs with several manuals to be interfaced.

Here’s a demo with a Korg PE-1000 Polyphonic Ensemble:

Pricing and Availability:

OrganDonor is available now for 294,00 €.

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