Shut Up & Play: Sounds Of The Oberheim OB-X8 Synthesizer

In this video, synthesist and sound designer Julian Pollack (J3PO) demos a variety of presets he created for the new Oberheim OB-X8.

The OB-X8 is designed to combine three classic OB-series synthesizers in one: the OB-X, the OB-Xa, and OB-8.

Here’s what Pollack has to say about the video:

“In this video, you will hear a bunch of presets I created for the OB-X8. Some of my sounds will be included factory with the OB-X8 while most of these presets will appear in a presets pack I will release soon (check for the release of my official sound bank). This particular unit is an early prototype with non-production knobs. The final production units will look slightly different.

It is important to note that the OB-X8, like the original OB’s from back in the day, does NOT contain any onboard effects. In this video, I used some external reverbs and delays to give certain presets the ambience and resonance they deserve. Light compression and limiting was applied for the purpose of uploading to YouTube and balancing the sounds.”

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the OB-X8 in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Shut Up & Play: Sounds Of The Oberheim OB-X8 Synthesizer

  1. I’m fresh outta kidneys, but… getting one of these is kinda a no-brainer.
    I say that as an OB-6 owner.
    Never owned the originals, but I’ve played them.
    To see a new take on an old classic series like these is awesome, especially considering the failing bits and pieces of the originals (tales of which I’ve heard from soooo many owners and collectors over the years, having to nurse an old OB back to health).
    I am extremely happy for Tom to see this to its fruition.

    1. The OB-6 and OB-X8 are quite different and seem complimentary (smart business choice).

      So far I’m not hearing anything from the X8 that’d make me trade in my OB-6, but if I had the cash to buy a desktop version if they do one? That’d be tempting.

  2. I am not feeling all this nostalgia fad..To me that sounds unbelievably boring. At least with modular synths there are ways and/or components to create something fresh…

  3. Daym. Just listen to that special Oberheim sizzle at 2.35. And that lightening fast envelope attack and release at 2.45. Nailed. In comparison (sadly) the Behringer sounds clean and sizzle-less and sloppy “safe” sounding with its attack…no bite.

    the extra bucks clearly makes a difference here. So sold on this its rediculous i cant wait for it to arrive

  4. Julian really brings out the base sweetness of the instrument. Sounds like $5k worth of 1980’s best, minus the technical worries of that era. So, how soon will it be released as a $3k module I can afford without getting credit-card sunburn? Nah, I want the keys and weird bender, too. 😛

  5. The is one of the extremely few modern synths that ACTUALLY sounds vintage. I would love to own one someday, although I am having to sell my car to pay medical bills, something like this is definitely off the table.

    1. I got the Cherry Audio Eight Voice for $19. I know this is going to be hard to believe for many, but I actually prefer the Eight-Voice over the OBX8.

      1. Considering you never really tried the OBX8 in person and you have a clear agenda crying about the use of the word knockoff every chance you get, It is hard to believe anything you say.

  6. That was an excellent demo. The new Obie sounds fantastic. And as I remember things, maybe the new one is just a bit better than the original ’80’s version.

    I imagine Oberheim will easily sell out the couple of thousand needed to book a nice profit, even with the cheaper Behringer version lurking in the background (if & when it ever ships)…

  7. From what I’ve read, there’s no desktop coming. But then again, Both Tom and Dave like to drop finished products, so, who knows. At least I’m not having this product in the back of my head anymore now that it has finally been released. I am curious how many they’ll produce of this one; I truly hope it will not be a limited run of 1000 or so. There should be more Oberheims out there, I think. Not that I’ll ever go for it. I am very happy with my OB-6 desktop, which does a bit of everything for a price that I can justify for my hobby noodling.

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