Texture Drone Generator Lets You Create Sustained Chords & Sonic Clusters

Pangrus Electro Acoustic Lab shared this video demo of Texture, a performance-oriented drone generator.

Texture is a device that incorporates three independent sound generators, for the production of a wide variety of sonic environments. All sound parameters can be modified through direct manipulation of the knobs for immediate control.

The sound generators are designed to have complementary tonal characteristic and their circuits can be customized easily, by changing the electronic components values that affect the frequency of the oscillators and the cut-off frequency of the passive filters.

The circuit derives directly from Kinetik Laboratories’ Protean, a powerful drone sound generator.

Texture is divided in three sections: Cluster, Ring and Chaos.

  • Cluster is composed of three frequency-controlled oscillators. This allows the creation of eternally sustained chords and clusters of microtonal intervals.
  • In the Ring section, the signal from the center oscillator is processed by two pseudo-ring modulation circuits with the other two oscillators. Adjustments of the oscillator pitches result in evocative and constantly changing textures, bell-like or otherwise metallic sounds.
  • Chaos is formed by three oscillators in cross-modulation. Its sonic character far exceeds the typical white and pink noise sources. Tuning the oscillator pitches allows timbral metamorphosis and complex variations in tone and sound granularity.

Each section has a level knob to mix the three voices.

Pricing and Availability

Texture is available now in limited quantities, priced at $165.

One thought on “Texture Drone Generator Lets You Create Sustained Chords & Sonic Clusters

  1. That’s kind of “enjoyable” and unique lil noise box. If it was followed by a reasonably nice multi-effect with a good reverb, it would make a pretty nice lil ambient thing.

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