New Eurorack Module Features 200 Effects In 14HP

Happy Nerding has introduced FX AID Pro, a new Eurorack module that packs 200 effects into 14HP.


  • OLED screen shows current effect’s number, name and its three parameters
  • 200 onboard effects which can be arranged in any order via online editor
    instant switching of the effects or seek then activate option
  • stereo input level control
  • SRR input can also be routed to parameters 1-3 or effect selection
  • advanced internal lfo which can be routed to the Sample Rate, parameters 1-3 or effect selection
  • manual control of the Sample Rate with one click for default position
  • 10 user storable presets with handy indicator lines for each stored parameter
  • screensaver with 1, 10, 30, 60 minutes options
  • easy update by playing wav file, level indicator for proper volumes matching
  • 14 HP size

Pricing and Availability

The FX Aid Pro is expected too be available in one month for 330 USD or 300 Euro+VAT

7 thoughts on “New Eurorack Module Features 200 Effects In 14HP

  1. This LOOKs kool! but I gotta say.. the music accompanying this video is a terrible choice to use for demoing audio effects with! It’s Already spacy and ethereal.. otherworldly.. so whatever the effects unit was producing was completely buried! … Jest Sayin’ !

    1. It’s not patched to anything. So it’s pretty obvious that the sounds are prerecorded and this is b-roll of the screen. Jest sayin.

  2. Hard to tell about the sounds from the video. Looks pretty great for the price. Well, except for all of the extraneous (to me) white boxes around everything. You can actually see all of the available effects now by going to and tapping “Load” on any of the slots.

    In case anyone else is lost like I was:
    SRR=Sample Rate Reducer
    D/W= Dry/Wet (seems obvious now but I’m so used to “wet/dry”…)

    Would be sporting if you could use the Right Input and the D/W input for additional CV control, particularly targeting the internal LFO params. Also, maybe a special “LFO” mode via the center dial where the top three knobs control the LFO’s wave/speed/amp (since the device is already lovely enough to support pick-up for those dials).

  3. I really refuse to invest in any hardware that relies on online software to use. So if they go away, is my hardware useless?

  4. I’m happy to spend my money on a Ukraine company. 🙂
    Great module although the white circles are overkill and make it look ugly af.

  5. I own a couple FXAIDXL modules and they are great. The fx sound very nice, even when compared to what they’re modelled from. I use the drum sounds quite a bit. The software is easy and powerful. However I am not sure I get the form factor of this one. Is the only difference having the three screens? I get that this could be useful. However at that HP cost, I might rather have almost 2,5 FXAIDXL.

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