Free Sound Library For The M-Audio Venom

LFOstore has released Best Analog & Ambient Sounds, free sound library for the M-Audio Venom synthesizer.

The sound library, created by sound designer Nick Klimenko, is designed to show the “analog & ambient side of Venom & its potential for soft & organic sounds.”

The free sound library features 128 presets, in the following categories:

128 presets splitted on categories:

  • Pads, Drones, Spheres
  • Massive Strings
  • Analog-Like Basses
  • Cutting-Edge Leads
  • Arps & Sequences
  • Plucks & Bells
  • FX

Vyzex editor & driver are included with this pack. See the LFOstore site for details.

8 thoughts on “Free Sound Library For The M-Audio Venom

  1. Venom owner here. Many synths have come and gone for my collection but the Venom remains. It is much maligned and underrated. I still discover new sounds, especially using the patch mix and random functions, that excite me. Thank you for this patch set.

  2. One of the most underestimated synths ever
    Good to see that it still getting some love
    Never owned one, but like what’s on offer

  3. if you have one of these, definitely do not use the internal FX… it sounds so much better without them, because unfortunately the internal FX are so trash that they destroy all the best parts of any type of patch you can make on this thing

    try it with external FX instead… TRUST ME

    1. I’ve got a Venon and I tend to agree. I mean they are better then nothing and if used carefully can help the sound out but folks hoping for thick analog chorus units or lush reverbs will be disappointed

      1. what im trying to say is that they donr help at all, and you are better off NOT USING THEM… aka they are NOT better than nothing… but rather NOTHING IS BETTER!

        if you need fx, use outboard or plugins.. anything else is better

        in particular this is because whatever DSP or whatever they are using for the effects has the same artifacts, but its most noticeable on the reverb.. namely this issue is that no matter what you use, it imparts a distinctly metallic and heavily aliased tube-like sound or character to the ouput…. and its a universal problem which is why im saying not to degrade the sound with them…

        really the only use is for nasty lofi sounds, but it gets old quickly because there is no variation since its just glitches and errors

        1. um… why not use both internal effects and external? all the internal ones sound fine but can get really crappy sounding if you overdo it. but good sounds are possible. a decent stereo reverb can make it sound wonderful.

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