Robotic Cameras Get MIDI Control

PTZOptics, a manufacturer of broadcast-quality robotic cameras, and the MIDI Association, have announced a joint project to bring fully configurable MIDI control to the PTZOptics line of robotic cameras.

This means that you’ll be able to control video cameras from your keyboard, sequencer, MIDI controller or other MIDI device.

Starting with the PTZOptics 12X-NDI and SDI cameras, PTZOptics will roll out direct MIDI control to their current generation camera line via a free firmware update. Users will be able to map camera commands including setting presets, call, pan, tilt and zoom.

“Live streaming has become extremely important to musicians and creatives, from performers and worship leaders to bloggers and DJs,” says Geoff Robinson, Product Manager at PTZOptics. “With this new feature set, users can control a live video production, without any additional dedicated hardware – just the devices or even instruments they already have.”

“The MIDI Association is very excited to have PTZOptics as a member, because we have already been working on remote collaboration using Web MIDI for our MIDI In Music Education and MIDI In Music Therapy Initiatives,” says Billias. “The ability to remotely control PTZ cameras over Web MIDI shrinks the world in a very significant way.”

Owners of current generation PTZ 12X cameras will be able to unlock MIDI control by downloading and installing the latest camera firmware from the PTZOptics website in early June. MIDI control will roll out to all current-generation PTZOptics PTZ cameras by the end of 2022.

3 thoughts on “Robotic Cameras Get MIDI Control

  1. This sounds great until you find out that their cameras range in price from $1,600.00 to $2,100.00. Not sure that many musicians are going be able to afford this on top of the already high cost of being a musician.

    1. I manage these devices at my place of employment. Definitely not a cam that most musicians would use, but I don’t think that’s the idea here. What I see, is opening the door to control the cameras using widely available control surfaces or even adjacent technologies like Roland’s camera mixing boards etc. otherwise, controlling these things is done by basic remotes, low grade default web interface or an expensive complex controller from Crestron etc. good call, in my opinion as it’s not an expensive addition , yet ads loads of functionality.

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