Shut Up & Play: The ‘100% Eargasmic’ UDO Super-6 Synthesizer

Sound designer Jexus shared these audio demos for their new collection of 128 custom sounds for the UDO Super 6 synthesizer.

The videos are more than a preview of the sound library, though – they do a great job of demonstrating the range of sonic possibilities of the Super 6.

Jexus describes the sound of the UDO Super 6 as 100% eargasmic, adding “The warmth, depth & smoothness of the Super-6 sound is one of a kind, there’s nothing else quite like it in the synth world. “

Pricing and Availability

The patch library is available now for $24 USD.

Check out the audio demos and share your thoughts on the Super 6 in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Shut Up & Play: The ‘100% Eargasmic’ UDO Super-6 Synthesizer

  1. Musical but maybe it just a bit lacking in bottom end? I tried some eq boost below 100Hz with this demos and it was much better.

    1. Well, they should just close up shop then. You have spoken. Nothing is more reliable than some random post on a synth website. Do you have any life-changing advice for us on any other topics? I won’t make a move until I’ve heard from you.

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