Korg 770 Vintage Synth Review – “It Sounds SO Smutty!”

In his latest vintage synth review, Alex Ball takes a look at the Korg 770, a keyboard that he’s christened “The Smut Box”.

The Korg 770 is a monophonic synthesizer from 1976. It’s a very limited instrument, but, as Ball notes, it has a deliciously naughty sound.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:23 Demo1 – Ring Me
2:10 Demo 2 – Tweedle Dee
3:05 Demo 3 – Sister Transistor
4:04 Why it sounds the way it does
5:36 Demo 4 – Distant Traveler
6:34 Summary

2 thoughts on “Korg 770 Vintage Synth Review – “It Sounds SO Smutty!”

  1. Wow great presentation!
    Amazing how the 770 can sound SO brutal but also smooth as silk and bright as crystalline!
    If Korg releses another retro rebuild it should be this!
    Based on this video my favorite Vintage Retro Korg!

    (btw.: not a fan of the ms10 – ms20 at all.)

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