Richie Hawtin Live Performance & Rig Tour

This video captures a live techno set by Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman, with a system based around Bitwig Studio.

In the second video, embedded below, Hawtin discusses his setup, including his custom API scripts for the Novation Launchpad Pro, AKAI Fire and a custom Yaeltex MIDI conroller to suit his workflow:

Hawtin uses three different controllers for three different tasks:

  • The Novation Launchpad Pro provides direct access to Bitwig’s per-note Operators, so he can manually program rhythms for sounds;
  • The AKAI Fire acts as a classic drum machine sequencer; and
  • His custom Yaeltex externalises his use of Bitwig’s Arpeggiator to write melodies.

Here’s a look at how he uses his custom Yaeltex controller:

See the Bitwig site for details on his setup.

11 thoughts on “Richie Hawtin Live Performance & Rig Tour

  1. Cool stuff. Convoluted af, but cool stuff nonetheless. He was looking a lot to the right (another laptop) which could be to monitor his Traktor stems? After all, Bitwig had Link turned on so it makes sense. I liked a lot how he played with step lenght for polyrithms, note repeat and them jumping back to ‘default’ which is very similar to what Elektron boxes do so I guess you can buy a M2 MBP which does more things than an Octatrack mk2 for the same price. Hawtin as always, amazing workflow, creative use of tools, and a techno mastery and ear that can only be achieved by years and years of putting the time and effort. Those K2s had seen better days for sure and where was the Akai Fire?
    Also kudos for plugin in Yaeltex, tremendisimas personas de Argentina!

  2. He’s like AC/DC, you’ve heard one song, you’ve heard em all.
    Cool anyway that it’s possible to get a career out of that one thing!

      1. plastikman sounded all the same to me. autechre was better.

        machine melodies; the end is here.

        he’s got a cool ZORG haircut though… needs that plastic headpiece; Gary Oldman would be proud.

        1. Peoples appearance seems to play a big part in how you view electronic music artists, with brows and haircuts
          I would maybe rethink that idea ! and concentrate on the music

  3. “ZORG haircut.”
    lol! Nailed it.
    Make fun of me but I love that flick. Usually watch movies when I’m in the studio, often getting samples, watched this an entire weekend lol, only the first Matrix at 63 times has bested it so far lol!

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