Teenage Engineering Creates Mother Of All Decks (MOAD) For Swedish House Mafia

Teenage Engineering shared these images of the jumbo live performance deck, MOAD (Mother Of All Decks), that they created as a custom design for Swedish House Mafia‘s 2022 Coachella set and US/EU tour.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“back in 2010, when we launched our very first product OP–1, we were approached by a group that was soon to shoot a music video for their first song. that group was swedish house mafia, and the song was “one”, feat. pharell williams. and it was also the beginning of a long friendship. 10 years later, we’ve teamed up again on our first product collaboration, MOAD – mother of all decks.

live at coachella with the weeknd

the live performance deck is 5 m x 1.2 m and breaks down into nine parts, to be set up or taken down in about 30 minutes, making it easy to tour with. when it finally came time to construct the deck, we worked with another longtime friend of ours, daniel araya.

the inside holds a computer, multiple mixers, dj decks, sequencer and samplers, effect processors, custom made light effects and mechanical tape reels.MOAD made it’s debut at coachella 2022 and will travel with swedish house mafia on their us and eu tour.”

38 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering Creates Mother Of All Decks (MOAD) For Swedish House Mafia

        1. now that was a completely uninformed comment.

          I would LOVE to see a cup off coffee or a soda spilled on that thing. it would be epic.

  1. now that’s worth 2K! just slightly larger than their other Field instruments tho so maybe i’ll pass. 😉

    1. The CDJ’s alone are more than 2K$ but i don’t think they pay for it considering the op-1 success is mostly because the swedish house mafia video.

      1. Funny comment considering that I’d never heard of the band or the video but am very familiar with TE and their OP-1 product.

        1. It’s not surprising, it’s been 12 years since this video clip, it was on the same year the OP-1 started to ship and it gave the OP-1 it’s popularity, Since then there are other reasons it is successful but it was a huge boost.
          funny things is they didn’t really use it for that track or any other track as far as i know.
          I also didn’t heard about them before that and i didn’t watched the video because like you can probably tell i’m cool just like you 🙂

    1. Looks like a set of CDJ + a bunch of NI controllers in a fancy chassis.
      Those tape will probably just spin in the background so it looks cool on music video

      1. But oscilloscopes actually help the musician visualize the waveforms they are using. A computer graphic of a reel to reel is only eye candy.

        1. Oscilloscopes are complete wankery for musicians.

          If you’re using your eyes to make music instead of your ears, you’re doing it wrong.

          1. Way back in ancient times, before beat counters for beat matching on dj-rigs, I slaved a two-channel oscilloscope to the shitty denon double cd-deck we were using at the venue, and used the visual cue of the kick drum to perfectly match the beat when mixing.

          2. Oscilloscopes are particularly useful in a modular rig

            Hence why things like the Mordax Data are so popular

            If you’re using your eyes to learn about synthesis – you’re doing it right

            1. agreed. ears AND eyes are easy to fool. yes, test equipment finds all sort of stuff your senses miss. I’ve found missing envelope timing ranges on popular equipment that nobody else seems to notice. even when you point it out.

              folks that claim to have golden ears often have lead for brains.

        2. the oscilloscope is only useful to visualize mixed modulation …
          frequency analysis is much more telling for audio 😉

    2. If you’ve never heard it, tape can do THE best pitch shifting. Yes it slows the tempo simultaneously, but doing so produces a sound that digital cannot. Because of the analog medium you get an almost exact replication of the original sound recorded. In the digital realm you would have to record at very high sample rates to replicate what tape does so well. It’s just about as impractical as just using a reel to reel to begin with. Think about it. Massive file sizes for a sample doesn’t make sense. Plus tape is just way more fun to manipulate live than a computer. Let’s be honest.

      1. This is totally wrong. Playing back something slower will result in massive noise floor buildup. A 1/4′ tape is very noisy mostly. There is some utility in 3 head saturation/delay setup, but its mostly wankery. In last 10 years vsts have risen to the level you cannot discern analog from digital.

  2. So it’s just a stage prop to hide a Maschine, a Roland VT-4, some Traktor controllers, and standard Pioneer decks? Not that impressive.

  3. that cool sketch that says absolutely nothing makes me thing its not even real. a playback machine, maybe to do some effects and cool looking stuff over a pre recorded set. Just like junky xl in his early gigs needed to haul a whole huge old studio desk on stage, then mainly working a cutof filter knob, and lifting up his shirt.
    image only,

    1. It’s two complete dj systems (Traktor, Pioneer) and Pioneer SP-16 plus a Maschine so you can make tracks on it if you want.

  4. OK – now Kraftwerk and their workstations shouldn’t feel so bad. With this setup, SHM is ripping off the look.

  5. Sad to see such nonsense comments here and how can one so easily put down another one’s work… mankind will never learn nothing if this kind of mentality continues to prevail.

    1. aww ä, maybe ‘mankind’ on this website is just playfully rebelling against 2000 € overpriced lifestyle toys from lifestyle brands.
      Once i also thought the future should look like a combination of Bang & Olufsen and The Empire Strikes Back. Not sure i like this sterile implementation though…

  6. Looks seriously unergonomic! And why so mundane units? They could have made this really cool if they had been more inventive. But then again SHM is not known for being inventive they probably just play their gigs straight from a prerecorded USB stick..

  7. Why on earth did they not let Love Hultén design it. That would have been really cool instead of boring and.probably more ergonomic..

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