Synthesized Sounds of the Sea

Synthesized Sounds of the Sea is a new album of electronic music, by synthesist Tomer Baruch, dedicated to creatures of the ocean.

Dolphins and eels, jellyfish and starfish each get their own sonic palette in this musical exploration of marine life. Recorded using vintage and modern analog synthesizers, the album is part of Baruch’s web project Animals and Synthesizers, expanding the musical snippets of Instagram into full length tracks.

You can preview the album below and order it via Bandcamp:

5 thoughts on “Synthesized Sounds of the Sea

  1. I love this!!! Soothing…exotic….meditative…..intriguing….! My wife and I spent several years out on Kwajalein island…..we snorkeled n scuba dived …..the sounds you hear under the water in the ocean….stunning…schools of dolphins….sharks of all kinds…tuna….mahi-mahi…whales….the Marshall Islands forbids commercial fishing….so their waters are teaming with life n living coral…

  2. I’m not sure how many visions of dolphins, eels, jellyfish and starfish pop into my head while listening to this, but hey, as a synth nut, the music isn’t half bad at all. Good work!

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