New Mother-32 Format Effects Processor, The GodFather, Now Available Via Indiegogo

Enjoy Electronics, creators of the Reminder effects processor, has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to fund production of their new multichannel audio processor, The Godfather.

The Godfather is a four-channel effects processor, designed to match the form factor of Moog’s Mother-32, DFAM & Subharmonicon. It gives you four independent channels of mixing functions and effects, including panning, compression, limiting, delay, filters, reverb and more.


  • 4 input channels with complex mixing functions (Compressor, Side Chain, Limiter, Shape EQ, Pan, Stereo Width, Gain Staging)
  • Independent effects per channel
  • 4 independent Delays
  • 4 Infinite/Looper Feedback
  • 4 Stereo Offset
  • 4 Double Pulse Delay
  • 13 HP/LP Filters
  • 4 Saturators
  • Reverb with dedicated HP filter
  • 2 assignable LFOs
  • 4 independent Trigger Buttons
  • 3 independent Triggering Modes for creative routing possibilities
  • 4 CV IN
  • 2CV OUT
  • 4 Channel Audio In
  • 4 Channel Audio Out
  • OLED Display
  • 60hp Eurorack format, with aluminum and wood case

Pricing and Availability

The Godfather is available to project backers for about $843 USD.

Note: Crowdfunding projects can involve risk, which is outlined at the project site.

22 thoughts on “New Mother-32 Format Effects Processor, The GodFather, Now Available Via Indiegogo

    1. The GodFather is entirely digital. They don’t list that info in text, but they do mention it in the Sonic State Superbooth 2021 video at the 2min 13 second mark. You can view the video on youtube or on their Indiegogo campaign page. Their Reminder is also all digital, and it is amazing, and fun to play with.

      1. Yes, I also notice that too, but they said it’s digital on the sonic state video only when they have been directly asked.
        The word “digital” (or analog) is not mentioned even once in their Indiegogo.
        Even on their website it mentioned only once and only under quotes from “Richard Devine” who ironically says “It sounds really analog and also it has all the digital power!” 🙂
        I wish they were more explicit and straightforward about that, If it is so great digitally they could have wrote about the benefit of it being digital instead of intentionally trying to avoid this subject.

      1. Dont worry, some folks hate people who can afford stuff. Its the classic story, be broke like me or your an elitist cause you got an extra $800 bucks. The threshold used to be a million, not sure what happened. I’ve had my eyes on this and the Reminder for a while, I love the functionality all in one spot. Looks like a lot of fun to use too.

        1. i see it like, $200 per channel. imagine building something similar with all eurorack modules, delays, reverbs, compressors, 4 channel mixer, it would cost way more in most cases.
          yeah this looks like it would be so much fun for hands on live pa stuff!

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  1. The GodFather seems like the ultimate live jam/performance tool. It has a lot of features similar to the Reminder, plus a lot more. If I didn’t already own the Enjoy Electronics Reminder, I would definitely get the GodFather. I did a couple of jams with the Reminder, here’s one that is in the ballpark of what the GodFather is capable of, but again, the GodFather can do a lot more.

    1. But is it really so close to Reminder?
      The Godfather seems to be more of a mixer with added functionality?
      You could almost view at a s a small mixing desk with digital effect sends in my opinion…

      1. Without having my hands on it I can’t say 100%, but I believe it can do everything the Reminder can do. But with the additional of Saturation per channel, a DDP per channel, filter per channel, and a second LFO, I believe it can a whole lot more than the Reminder.

  2. this seems like it would be great as a main mixer for live pa stuff, with that thought in mind i feel like it would be nice if a headphone jack and proper 1/4″ outputs were included as well. as it is you would need another mixer or output module like a rosie. this is still a really nice layout if everything sounds good

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  4. That seems like a solid tool for the money. If I was building on the general DFAM line, I’d be hella happy to see this. It bridges a serious gap for me in functionality. I’d want two, because buying into crowdfunding is kind of like old biplane wing walking. I like how this puts so much in one unit. It’d take a rack of external crap to get the same result.

  5. It looks very nice, and the informative LEDs are a really nice touch that I’d love to see more of.

    I understand some of the cynicism, having expressed it myself in the past. You get people insisting that they can hear the difference with an expensive analog filter, etc etc, and then they plug it into a digital effects box which (let’s be honest) gives 80% of the sound.

    Also if you have more than one digital module, the CV and the audio are getting converted D->A and A->D loads of times, which is surely not great for the signals, nor cost effective.

    But I do get the hands-on appeal and simplicity of programming with modular. And this box does look very nice and hands-on indeed.

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