7 thoughts on “Win A Pair Of Drone Synths From Moffenzeef & Perfect Circuit

  1. and I thought make noise was the ugliest. wacky knob spacing? red on black? give me a break. just make it all stick pots so it’s totally unusable.

  2. Mof being a Dutch pejorative for Germans during the Second World War, and zeef being a sieve… “The Moffenzeef is a device that was used in the Second World War, between 1942 and 1944, to eliminate the interference signals of the Germans and thus still be able to listen to Radio Oranje.”

  3. One of the best product videos I have ever seen in my life. I laughed my bum off! Synth standup comedy. Hope they get a slot at the next superbooth. Geniuses!! Am I right? Beautiful design too

  4. This link leads to a whole other contest, and their site doesn’t mention this one at all. Any updates on this?

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