A Complete Guide To The ARP Odyssey

The latest XNB video is a complete guide to the Korg ARP Odysssey, a reissue of the classic ARP monosynth.

The video is not intended to be a review, but rather an in-depth guide to the Korg ARP Odyssey’s design and controls. While the video features the Korg reissue of the Odyssey, most of the information covered applies to the original Odyssey, too, along with unofficial copies, like the Behringer Odyssey.

Topics covered:

0:00 – Intro
03:11 – VCO-1
07:12 – VCO-1 FM
19:43 – VCO-1 Pulse Width
23:34 – VCO-2
32:29 – VCO Sync
37:55 – Sample & Hold and S&H mixer
41:00 – VCF
47:42 – VCF Modulation
57:18 – Audio Mixer
01:01:35 – ADSR & AR
01:07:49 – Gates
01:11:05 – Globals
01:13:41 – Conclusion

The original ARP Odyssey was released in 1972, and was part of the first wave of all-in-one keyboard synthesizers. Korg, in collaboration with ARP, introduced an official ARP Odyssey reissue in 2015, followed by the Korg ARP Odyssey FS in 2017.

3 thoughts on “A Complete Guide To The ARP Odyssey

  1. Even though I don’t have a an ARP Odyssey now….I was toying with the idea of getting one …..your guide was very good ….assisted me in my decision making…..the odyssey would pair up well with my Behringer Blue Marvin…

    Thank you for your guide.

    It took you time n your effort is appreciated!

    1. Yes it will! I am using a Behringer Odyssey with a Behringer 2600 and together they are so much fun that it has actually helped abate my gear lust for other synths!

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