New Music From Brian Eno – ‘There Were Bells’

Brian Eno shared the music video for There Were Bells, from his upcoming album FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE, which is schedule to be released October 14th, 2022.

FOREVERANDEVERNOMORE is the 22nd solo studio album from Eno and the first since January 2017’s Reflection. Unlike Reflection, the new album sees Eno working in song mode, with singing on the majority of tracks.

The album is described as “a sonically beguiling, ultimately optimistic exploration of the narrowing, precarious future of humanity and our planet.”

“We need to fall in love again,” notes Eno, “but this time with Nature, with Civilization and with our hopes for the future.”

It’s available now to pre-order.

11 thoughts on “New Music From Brian Eno – ‘There Were Bells’

  1. Eno’s work is very very very inspiring……when I first heard his art it was with Roxy Music…I almost went through the ceiling….spiritually of course…his work thrilled me in ways that inspired me onwards to to listen to so many other genres…..

    I will be getting this latest art of his….pre-order here I come!!

    Thank you Eno!!!

  2. I wish he had a bit more of a “rock & roll” personality, because when he goes places aside from his huge ambient cloud, its impressive. Check out his duo release “Wrong Way Up,” with John Cale. Its a great match-up. I stopped judging his work a long time ago and just started drinking it in. I can’t find a way to contrast him with anyone else.

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