Here’s A Vintage Look At Kraftwerk, ‘The Future Of Music’, From 1975

The BBC shared this vintage look at Kraftwerk from 1975, when they were the future of music.

The short video profiles Kraftwerk, and captures them doing a live performance of Autobahn. Watch closely and you’ll see them using some classic synths, like the Moog Minimoog and ARP Odyssey. But you’ll also see their custom drum controllers in action.

Video Summary:

Derek Cooper reports on Kraftwerk, a German pop group who are pioneers of a new kind of electronic music. Ralf Hütter, Florian Schneider, Wolfgang Flür and Klaus Röder create and programme sounds at their Dusseldorf laboratory and recreate them on stage using a variety of synthesisers and bespoke electronic instruments.

Here, they perform an excerpt from their most popular track to date, “Autobahn”.

Originally broadcast 25 September, 1975.

4 thoughts on “Here’s A Vintage Look At Kraftwerk, ‘The Future Of Music’, From 1975

  1. Thank god somebody mentioned Kraftwerk, it’s sad that nobody mentions them anymore, they really need the promotion and $.

  2. I remember watching this on Tomorrow’s World in my youth. It was the first time I’d ever heard of Kraftwerk and so began a lifetime’s love of them.

    1. Except the fourth band member was Karl Bartos, and not Klaus Röder. His name is even on the neon sign in front of him in the video.

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