Korg Opsix, Wavestate & Modwave Compared

Korg today shared this video, comparing their three compact digital synths, the Opsix, Wavestate and modWave.

Each of the synths shares a similar physical format, but offers an updated take on a different type of classic digital synthesis.

In the video, Product Manager Natalie Chami discusses the similarities between all three synths, and the types of synthesis that sets them all apart.

The timing of this video may strike some as odd, given that Korg last week was selling the Opsix at a drastically reduced price. Or, if you someone who likes your brand new Opsix, it may have you taking a second look at the Wavestate and modWave.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on these synths in the comments!

Topics covered:

0 – 0:18 – Intro
0:18 – 2:03 – Similarities
2:03 – 5:03 – opsix (FM)
5:03 – 8:03 – wavestate (wave sequencing)
8:03 – 13:26 – modwave (wavetable)
13:26 – Outro

18 thoughts on “Korg Opsix, Wavestate & Modwave Compared

    1. I was lucky to get one and got a 100% brand new synth for something like 60% off.

      And it’s a really great synth! Surprisingly deep and pretty easy to use. And while it’s an FM synth, you can also program it like a subtractive synth. Very powerful!

      I bet if you watch out, you’ll see some showing up on Reverb in a few months at good prices.

      1. that’s why knobs usually go on a different PCB – unless it’s a single board synth design – so the rest of it can be identical between product variations and reduce cost(s). this looks like platform architecture to me. waiting for a 3-octave spongy Kronos. lol.

      1. They use a Raspberry Pi Compute module as the brains for these (with a nice heat sink). It’s a very smart idea; there’s no point in spending lots of money and time to lay out your own complex processor module when you can buy an SBC off the shelf.

  1. The Wavestate and Modwave have similar sequencing capabilities like sequencing envelope shapes and other modulations

    The Opsix sequencer is much more rudimentary which is a shame because it is a total beast other than that

    A better sequencer would have made it and absolute savage

    I have yet to get my hands on a Modwave but have the Wavestate and it is a remarkable synth too

    Loading your samples and creating your own performances really shows you what’s going on

    An incredible sound design tool – you just really need to dig in to it as the workflow is unique

    A bit confusing at first but ultimately really rewarding

  2. I’ve been quite interested in all of these, but ultimately remember that I have the Wavestation iOS app, whose big screen interface pairs quite perfectly and superbly with the Wavestation architecture, being able to clearly see your wave sequences and editing the envelopes on a nice big screen. I don’t think I’d want to edit all that on the tiny screens that the Wavestate/Modwave have.

    I did try out the Opsix at a friend’s house and the physical access to the FM engine makes it a really playable synth. It kind of blew me away.

    The one thing I would love Korg to do is to put ANALOG filters (and VCA?) on their great digital oscillators, the way Novation has done with the Peak and Summit. I think that’s the ultimate modern combo of a hardware synth—digital oscillators with analog filter & VCA.

    1. Looks something like a small Sequenz stand – but my understanding is Korg are having serious manufacturing problems with those – none have been available down in Australia for like two years.

  3. Can an Opsix sound like a Kodamo Essence or at least as an Yamaha DX7?
    I don’t think so. So an Opsix is not worth my money even cheap priced.

    I would however spent money on the Wavestate…that is when they release the Wavestate SE …announced ages ago…but never released….

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