Buchla Keytar Synth Jam

Chinese synthesist tamiX (Nan Tang) shared this live Buchla keytar synth jam.

Buchla didn’t make a keytar, but that doesn’t stop Tang from wearing a Multidimensional Kinesthetic Input Port and using it to control a 200e Series modular system.


00:00 Intro
04:40 251e-3 + 261e
07:00 NVO-C + 251e-3 + 261e
13:17 259e
19:10 DAO
23:43 NVO-A + 252e
25:37 NVO-A + 252e + 223e Arp
30:43 Ending

Performed April 23, 2022, UFO Space live house, Beijing.

7 thoughts on “Buchla Keytar Synth Jam

    1. They’re not the effects pedals, the two were Kommander Infrared sensors from KOMA Elektronic actually, I controlled the CV out of those by my legs.

      And the one on top of the Buchla was not sherman filterbank either, it’s AKAI MFC42.

  1. This is what makes synth performance interesting.
    I love it when Synthesists stand up and synthesise.
    Also melodic and some nice hard sounds.

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